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DITHOR and HOD are truly the best

Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2016 10:35 am
by chillin'inandover
I just wanted to share that HOD and DITHOR are truly the best. My daughter just had her 5th speech evaluation. Each time it is for a different need. Lately she has been having trouble with word retrieval/stuttering. The speech therapist described what I would need to do. I said that sounds exactly like an activity in DITHOR. Like an eye spy scenario. Then the therapist said I need to broaden her vocabulary and gave a technique to try. I said that is like the vocabulary in Bigger and Preparing. HOD has helped my little girl in so many ways. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Each activity that has been planned has truly been God sent. My little girl has come so far! Her mind has so many things to share that she has trouble putting into words what she wants to share. A funny example from her evaluation was she had to describe an airplane to an alien. In HOD she has learned so much-she explained aerodynamics, invented by Wright Brothers, designed after birds hollow wings, passengers, flight patterns, etc. She failed to mention that it could fly. That was what she needed to say but couldn't remember. Smart girl just needs those extra words. She is using CTC this year but we are using IEW for writing rather than Writing With The Best. I knew she needed that extra vocabulary with IEW. I plan to do Write With The Best 1 and then 2 in Rev2Rev and MTMM. Right now I felt this was best. Thank you HOD for all the extras you have blessed our family with.