I am looking for some ideas.

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Re: I am looking for some ideas.

Post by Carrie » Mon Sep 26, 2016 11:21 am


This is a fun topic that was interesting for me to ponder. Since we have an outdoor recess every day after lunch, it was timely for me too. :D I realized as I was posting on the thread that I hadn't invested in anything outdoor related for years. It was time for me to add some new options to my boys outdoor time. My husband agreed that the boys could use some new ideas, and fall is always a tough time here as the ground begins to get hard but the snow has not yet fallen.

So, after much research, we got a jazzminton game with paddles and birdies, a Kan Jam game with cans and a frisbee, and a Ramp Shot ball game with two ground nets and balls. This has revitalized the boys' outdoor time. :D They have played these daily for three weeks. They take them to our park day with the cousins too and all are getting better at the games. The games play across the ages our boys happen to be (from 10 to 20) and have both luck and skill involved which makes it more fair.

I do think our boys had to be a bit older in order to enjoy these games, although jazzminton would work for younger kiddos too. Our 10 year old is able to play all the games. Recess is no longer a time for figuring out what to do, or for talking over the rules endlessly, or for being frustrated about losing. This has infused life into our recess time. It also allows my older boys to enjoy the recess time more, as in these particular games they don't have to constantly be careful not to run over their smaller, younger brothers!

Before you think that you need to purchase backyard games for your own family, I will share that we have done fine with bikes and scooters and enjoyed playing basketball, soccer, football, hotbox, and catch for recess for more years than I can count. Our boys have gotten great at making up their own games with their own rules and have played those endlessly as well! This is why for us it was time for something new. After literally decades of daily recess, I don't know why I didn't look for backyard type games sooner. :lol:

Maybe some of you are in this same boat or eventually will be. With Christmas coming, I thought I might update this thread in case it might be helpful. For us it was good timing to get these things, as typically I purchase free reading books and audios for the summer for my boys and somehow I never got that done this summer so that meant I could invest in these outdoor things for fall instead. :D

I know I have enjoyed reading the thoughts and ideas shared by the ladies within the thread, and it has been a blessing to me!


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