Sneak Peek #5: New US2 High School Guide

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Sneak Peek #5: New US2 High School Guide

Post by Carrie » Thu May 26, 2016 11:47 am


I apologize for the delay in sharing my next sneak peek! :D We had a crazy month with traveling to conventions, attending my nephew's wedding in Tulsa along the way from one convention to the next, and finishing the US1 Guide's last installment of lesson plans! :D HOORAY! :D

So, as we're turning our eyes more and more toward the new US2 Guide, I wanted to share another sneak peek with all of you. We are excited to be including a half-credit of speech in our upcoming guide. Since the speech credit involves writing and presenting multiple speeches, this will take the place of our inclusion of a more formal writing program in the US2 guide. However, we will still include plenty of writing within the daily Literature Journal and within the grammar/writing lessons from Rod and Staff English in order for students to be able to claim a full credit in English/Literature/Composition. The speech course will earn its own half credit. Time-wise in the plans, speech will alternate with the last half of Rod and Staff English 8 so that each is done twice weekly all year. 8)

We are thrilled to be able to use Secrets of the Great Communicators for speech by Dr. Jeff Myers. This particular program had gone out-of-print right as we were using it with our own oldest son for his senior year. Since then, I have looked and looked for another program for speech that I could endorse as highly, but I haven't found one. Now, blessedly Secrets of the Great Communicators has been reprinted, based on requests from homeschool families and companies who love it. :D

This program is a wonderful way to give your children guidance and practice at home in honing their speaking skills. Our oldest son loved the program, and we found a new talent within him as his year of giving speeches progressed. 8)

We are so excited to schedule this resource! We will also combine it with How to Become a Dynamic Speaker which is a wonderful book in its own right. Publisher descriptions follow below.

Secrets of the Great Communicators :D
This brief but meaty course is designed to help high school students develop key public speaking skills within the context of their personal goals, academic careers, and Christian faith. Myers is a capable and engaging speaker, carefully yet easily modeling the attributes of a good speaker which he identifies.

A DVD (with teacher CD-ROM) and a consumable student text are all you need for this course. There are six video lectures (in addition to the introductory talk), all filmed in front of a live audience. Myers speaks easily but with passion, integrating biblical truth whenever it's appropriate. In the lectures, Myers encourages students by presenting the essential elements of good public speaking, in turn demonstrating them himself as he teaches. Topics include organization, presentation, audience analysis, conquering fear, etc.

The workbook content supports and elaborates upon the lectures, rather than reiterating them. In each chapter, Myers focuses on the strengths of a famous speech-giver (like Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Patrick Henry, or Billy Graham), showing how their example can make students of today (or adults, for that matter) into better mass communicators. Plenty of exercises help students put into practice what they've learned, and develop their skills in a controlled environment. (A teacher's guide CD-ROM is included with the DVD.)

Students are expected to have little or no practice speaking publicly, and Myers is determined to help them overcome their fears, build their confidence, and give them the basic tools to move forward. The material doesn't specifically address the different kinds of speeches (persuasive, informative, etc.), instead focusing on the elements of speaking that apply to all speeches, lectures, and addresses.

How to Become a Dynamic Speaker :D
No matter who you are or where you are called to serve, everyone needs to learn how to communicate with others. Whether in a one on one conversation, a small group setting, or before large audiences, we all need to be able to persuade others and get our point across. One of the remarkable things about the early church is that they were irresistible speakers. People found it hard to resist the wisdom with which they spoke. They were anointed with boldness, with the Holy Spirit and power, and they were great preachers.

What does it take to be a really great speaker? While there are basic principles, good speaking most often is just like good writing - it is not about straining, trying to think something up - it is more about listening and receiving something from a Source greater than yourself, and then writing down or speaking what you are hearing. It is knowing God as your ongoing, unlimited supply.

The purpose of this little book is not to just learn effective methods of communication - it is to show how to receive and communicate great ideas and thoughts with others in such a way that it will be life changing and bring prosperity and blessing to whoever is willing to hear. Paul exhorted the early church, “Always be prepared to give an account of the hope that is within you.”

* Learn effective yet simple principles of public speaking.
*Learn how to master your thoughts and get over stage fright.
* Analyze the texts of some of America’s best speakers.
* Learn not only what they said and how they said it, but why they said it.
*Understand how a profound sense of mission made their oratory remembered in history as some of the greatest thoughts to uplift the human race.

This book is full of helpful illustrations taken from history, the Bible, and modern day life that will help you become like its title says a more "dynamic speaker." Apply its principles, study its methods and content and see what it will do for you!

We hope that you will be as excited about this course selection as we are! :D


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Re: Sneak Peek #5: New US2 High School Guide

Post by LynnH » Thu May 26, 2016 2:12 pm

This looks great Carrie! I am so glad this will be part of his senior year. If we aren't using Rod and Staff would that mean we would need to add some composition to the English?
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Re: Sneak Peek #5: New US2 High School Guide

Post by Carrie » Thu May 26, 2016 2:22 pm


Good question! :D There is actually enough writing within the literature study that you won't need to add anything extra to compensate for the composition portion even if you aren't doing Rod and Staff English.


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Re: Sneak Peek #5: New US2 High School Guide

Post by Nealewill » Sun May 29, 2016 7:20 am

Looks amazing. Thank you so much for taking the time to type this up and share.

And congrats on finishing the US1 guides lessons plans. Must feel great to see your accomplishments of each level and to finally able to work on this upcoming final guide!!!!! Glory to God!

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