Need Graduation Celebration Ideas. Anyone like to share?

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Need Graduation Celebration Ideas. Anyone like to share?

Post by Lynn3ggb » Tue Apr 12, 2016 9:24 am

I will be graduating my first child very soon. She doesn't want a big to-do made over it. The only thing she has asked for graduation is to have a few Senior pictures made. She doesn't want a class ring, cap and gown or big ceremony of any kind. She doesn't understand why people make such a big deal of it. :? This is typical for her style and personality: private, low-key, sensible and thrifty.

However, I have another daughter who will graduate later who likes large gatherings and doesn't mind being the center of attention. She is a very social person. She believes that if she finishes HOD High school it will definitely be cause for celebration! :lol:

Would anyone like to share how you celebrate graduation in your homeschool? If you are like me, and are graduating a child for the first time, would you like to share your idea's as well?

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Re: Need Graduation Celebration Ideas. Anyone like to share

Post by StephanieU » Tue Apr 12, 2016 9:48 am

My kids definitely aren't there yet, but we have lots of homeschool friends, many who have graduated already. In our area, there is a graduation ceremony at the homeschool convention that many do. But, there are many that skip it because it is long and boring (like any other graduation). I know families where one sibling wanted to walk (and did) and another didn't.
As for celebrating, how about doing some sort of meal. Give them an idea of a budget and a few options in that budget. Maybe it is a barbecue at your house with lots of friends, a family dinner at a nice restaurant, and a somewhat larger family dinner at a "budget" restaurant. Then they can pick the one that fits their personality best.
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Re: Need Graduation Celebration Ideas. Anyone like to share

Post by LynnH » Tue Apr 12, 2016 9:51 am

My daughter, who is now a Junior in college, was my first to graduate. She is somewhere between your 2 as far as what she wanted. She didn't want to participate in the local homeschool graduation ceremony. Instead we gave her a diploma I had ordered and then we had an open house at our church. We decorated it using ideas from pinterest and had pretty basic food. It was a really nice time of fellowship with those that really care about my daughter. She did want senior pictures so we paid someone who was her friend, as well as a homeschool graduate, to take her pictures. They turned out great and we helped someone who was trying to get going in her own business. I'm not sure what my son will want, but based on his personality it will be pretty low key I am sure.
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Re: Need Graduation Celebration Ideas. Anyone like to share

Post by momxnine » Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:36 pm

I have graduated 5, all girls. (Two of my boys dropped out, so they didn't get a party) My next son, 17, is now done and I'm trying to work on a party for him. His may be a little different than my girls, but we'll see.

What we did for each of the girls was have a "Graduation Open House/Reception." I made invitations with a high school picture and sent them out. They all had senior pictures made, not professionally, but just each one singly by a friend or family member with a nice camera.

Then I made them each a scrapbook/yearbook full of school memories and events we had done all through their homeschooled years. I also had empty pages for the books that were on our reception tables with pretty pens for guests to sign. Just like in *my* high school yearbook. :D

The other thing I did that was nice was make a "wall" full of memorabilia from different things they did and things they enjoyed. For instance, my oldest daughter was very involved in our local Christian theatre at the time so we had the awards she had won and some theater scrapbooks on the table. One of my daughters took a horticulture elective class and loves flowers and such. Her table was decorated with flowers and unique things like that for her.

We had cake and refreshments. One daughter had a film maker friend, so he put together a slide show with music for her that we all sat and watched. We also were into playing frisbee with this daughter, so there was a big frisbee game going on in the yard. And poor kid, but she got hit in the face during the game!!! :( :(

My son is a huge volleyball fan AND he wants a diploma (none of the girls cared), so we'll have something going on for those interests. :)

None of mine wanted a "ceremony" either, just a fun afternoon/evening that was for them to remember and for us to honor them with.

I also left pages in their yearbooks for pictures of their graduation party.

So be creative, make the event match their achievements and interests and have fun. :)
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Re: Need Graduation Celebration Ideas. Anyone like to share

Post by rumkimom » Thu Apr 14, 2016 10:28 am

My oldest is graduating this year and she does not want to do we will not be doing anything. Her grandparents are coming for her dance recital where she as a senior will have a solo that she choreographed herself.
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