Need help with placement....

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Need help with placement....

Post by LeAnna » Wed Feb 03, 2016 12:52 pm

My middle child, I had planned on putting her in Revivals. She will be in 7th, and is 12. I looked at the placement, but I'm still not sure. This is kind of where we are at....

She is reading independently, and reading chapter books. (I'm looking at Revivals, but not sure what difficult chapter books is defined as) She has had some literature study with some critical thinking involved, using different genres, but not DITHOR. This year she has done the literature studies that comes with Notgrass America the Beautiful.

She can write in cursive, and has done some writing of papers. She previously used IEW, and wrote and typed papers, but not a lot of poetry. She does like writing though, and tends to get pretty creative with her writing... to the point of sometimes writing a lot, but not necessarily staying on topic, or using a lot of dialogue.;)

She's in English 4 right now, and will finish that this year, and there is some outlining in that, and she did some with IEW. I don't think though, that we have gotten to extensive diagramming yet. Does it get harder as they finish out the book?

Am I placing her correctly into Revivals? I would like to keep her on the track if at all possible, so that I don't have to tweak anything, however, I don't want her to struggle either. I have one child just a year ahead in MTMM, so I'm wondering if I should place them together too, or keep them separate.

She's in Teaching Textbooks 6 as well, and is doing fractions.
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