Res to Ref -- which English for dd who didn't do CTC

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Res to Ref -- which English for dd who didn't do CTC

Post by jen_good » Tue Aug 11, 2015 6:35 am


I have been looking through the teachers manual and just realized that the first half of the Rod & Staff was covered in CTC. Due to illness, we put our dc in a christian school last year. Before that, my dd (entering 5th grade) had finished Preparing and was doing Bob Jones for English. I thought we would give Rod and Staff a try this time around. Will it matter if she didn't complete the first half of English 4 or 5?

Thank you very much for your help!

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Re: Res to Ref -- which English for dd who didn't do CTC

Post by jacynamommy » Tue Aug 11, 2015 10:41 am

Hi Jennifer,
I don't have a clear cut answer for you, but the way we've done Rod & Staff with CTC and now RtR is first half of English 4 for 5th grade and second half for 6th grade (though we did CTC for 5th and RtR for 6th). Then English 5 will be for 7th grade and English 6 HOD recommends completing by 8th grade. I had a question on this last year and here is what someone replied to me that helped:
"Here is what is on the Rev2Rev package page for English: For English, customize with the options below (or use your own text). Both texts below are scheduled in our guide daily, giving you a choice for your 6th and 7th graders to do all of English 5 or to do the first half of English 6. The following year students will complete either all of English 6 or the last half of English 6. In order to keep the area of language arts in balance within our guides, while still allowing us to utilize a rigorous English program, our goal is for students to complete English 6 by the end of grade 8. This will prepare students well for high school level English requirements. Students in grades 6 on up who have had little grammar instruction, should use English 5 since it is considered to be a foundational level of the text."

If your child is in 5th grade this year, I'd definitely stick with the English 4 book. If RtR starts halfway through the book, you could try picking up there and see if he/she has the info needed to pick up and go at that point...otherwise you might go back and start from the beginning of the book (as the book definitely builds over time) and just work through it at your own pace instead of how it's listed in the book (and an alternate schedule may be in the back of the book for starting with R&S 4 anyway. I think picking up at R&D 5 may be too much, just with experience with my own kiddos. Hope that helps.

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Re: Res to Ref -- which English for dd who didn't do CTC

Post by MomtoJGJE » Thu Aug 13, 2015 11:12 am

So is she going in 5th grade now? Or is she 6th grade now?

If she's going into 5th grade now I think I'd do English 4 full speed. I'd do 4 in 5th grade, 5 in 6th grade, and 6 spread over 7th and 8th. No matter what grade she is in I think that's the way I'd do it.

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