Sneak Peek #5: New American History Guide

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Sneak Peek #5: New American History Guide

Post by Carrie » Tue Apr 21, 2015 4:14 pm


As we proceed with sharing our new sneak peeks, I have to admit that I am VERY excited about this next selection for our new American History Guide. We are glad to share that we will be scheduling Michael Farris' Constitutional Literacy within our upcoming guide. Due to the nature of the course, it has the flexibility of earning a 1/2 credit up to a full credit and it has the flexibility of being used for government credit if desired. After pondering the design and nature of the course, and in looking at the best way to utilize such a course in our guide, we will schedule it as a 1/2 credit of "Constitutional Literacy" on our student's transcript (rather than using the course as a government credit). We will also be scheduling a limited selections of projects from the course, keeping the course manageable and in balance with the rest of our guide, earning 1/2 credit rather than a full credit. :D

The reason for these decisions is that we feel that an overview of government is necessary to be able to more fully grasp the content within the Constitutional Literacy course. So, by doing A Noble Experiment for government alongside Constitutional Literacy, the two will dovetail well. One course will actually lead to a fuller understanding of the other course. Together, when combined with the readings about the formation of government and the Constitution in America, the courses will really enrich one another. :D

For those families who already may have earned credit in government outside of HOD, Constitutional Literacy will be a wonderful extension of that learning. For families with time constraints who desire to pursue only one government course, we would suggest doing A Noble Experiment and foregoing Constitutional Literacy - as the topics in A Noble Experiment follow a more traditional government course scope and sequence (although I say this with great hesitation, as I believe both courses are simply outstanding)! :D Link to our former Sneak Peek about A Noble Experiment: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=16205

At our house, we are excited for our own sons to not only gain a broad understanding of the various forms of government and to understand the effect of government, but we also desire for our sons to become literate about the Constitution and how laws based on Constitutional interpretation affect us in the day-to-day. :D This means we are looking forward to having our sons complete both A Noble Experiment and Constitutional Literacy from our upcoming guide. :D

Here is the publisher's description of the Constitutional Literacy course: 8)
Prepare your students to begin their voting careers as informed citizens well versed in the content and meaning of the United States Constitution. Join constitutional expert Michael Farris as he walks your family through the history, theory, and application of the Constitution and what it means for the future of American self-government. This 25-part lecture series is engaging and approachable, combining high quality video and music with hundreds of beautiful photographs, timelines, and special effects. The course features over 500 minutes of engaging video instruction by Farris, who has argued cases before the United States Supreme Court. :D Chapters include:
Episode 1: Introduction to the Constitution
Episode 2: Article 1, Section 1
Episode 3: Judicial Review and Original Intent
Episode 4: The Powers of Congress
Episode 5: Commerce and General Welfare Clause
Episode 6: Powers of the President
Episode 7: Does the Bill of Rights Apply to the States?
Episode 8: The Establishment of Religion
Episode 9: The Free Exercise of Religion, Part 1
Episode 10: The Free Exercise of Religion, Part 2
Episode 11: Freedom of Speech and Press
Episode 12: Freedom of Association
Episode 13: The Second Amendment
Episode 14: The Fourth Amendment
Episode 15: Procedural Due Process
Episode 16: Property Rights
Episode 17: Equal Protections
Episode 18: Abortion “Rights”
Episode 19: Homosexual “Rights”
Episode 20: Parental Rights
Episode 21: International Law
Episode 22: Is the National Debt Unconstitutional?
Episode 23: Was the American Revolution an Ungodly Rebellion?
Episode 24: Was the Constitution Illegally Adopted?
Episode 25: Reclaiming Our Country

The course DVDs are now in their second edition, and with Farris partnering to add a coordinating workbook to the series the course takes on an even greater applicability for high school students. Farris edited the coordinating workbook himself for content to be sure it was accurate. See inside the workbook at the following link:

Watch Michael Farris' Introduction:

Watch a trailer of the series:

Watch Episode 1 (whose powerful clip of Martin Luther King, Jr. at the beginning leaves my eyes tearing up every time):


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Re: Sneak Peek #5: New American History Guide

Post by LovingJesus » Tue Apr 21, 2015 4:56 pm

This looks Fabulous Carrie! :D You have me excited for high school, and it is years away for us. Once again you are pulling together resources that reflect the information I want my children to learn. I am so Grateful for all of the work that you do.

I do have one question that can fully wait to be answered until after convention season! :D

Would you mind very briefly sharing what angle and world view Michael Farris takes for episodes 23, & 24? I could assume what it is being from Apologia. The titles of those episodes, however, left me wondering.

Thank you again for planning out another resource that will take my children's educations far beyond any that I was ever given in school.
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Re: Sneak Peek #5: New American History Guide

Post by Carrie » Tue Apr 21, 2015 7:50 pm


In answering your question, it is very important to know more about the author, so I will begin by sharing this information about the author from the publisher: :D
Michael Farris is the chancellor of Patrick Henry College and chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association. As a constitutional appellate litigator, he has argued as lead counsel before the Supreme Court of the United States, eight federal circuit courts of appeals, and in the state Supreme Courts and appellate courts of thirteen states. Farris has been a leader on Capitol Hill for over thirty years and is widely known for his leadership on homeschooling, religious freedom, and the preservation of American sovereignty. He teaches constitutional law and public international law at Patrick Henry College and has coached the school's Moot Court team to seven national championships. A prolific author, Farris has been recognized with a number of awards, including the Salvatori Prize for American Citizenship from the Heritage Foundation, and Education Week Magazine named him one of the top 100 Faces in Education for the twentieth century. Mike and Vickie Farris have ten children and seventeen grandchildren.

Next, I will share this further description about the Constitutional Literacy course: :D
In the United States, loyalty is not a matter of allegiance to a ruler, a flag, or even to our homeland. Loyalty is measured by faithfulness to the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution was formed by the Founding Fathers by the authority of the people, and it was expected that "We the People" would be vigilant to vote out of office those leaders who fail in their sworn duty to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution. Yet for years, Americans have remained silent as the federal government takes more and more power for itself while encroaching on the freedoms of citizens.

In this important high-school-level course, Dr. Michael Farris brings the U.S. Constitution to life for modern Americans by examining these questions: What does the Constitution actually say? What does it mean? What were the Founders' intentions for this document? And how is it being interpreted to shape our laws and way of life today? This may be the most important course your student (and future voter) takes this year.

Last, I will share that the course focuses on the original intent of the framers' of the Constitution. This is the lens through which all topics, including the topics in episodes 23-24, are viewed. :D


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Re: Sneak Peek #5: New American History Guide

Post by LovingJesus » Tue Apr 21, 2015 11:29 pm


Thank you so much for the information. I love the direction that you are taking for American History for High school. :D

My DH and I just watched the trailer and two of the episodes. I learned much that I did not know. We both thought they were excellent. We both have wanted our children to understand and know the Constitution and self-government. Thank you for all of the planning that you do. :)

The Noble Experiment looks very good as well.

Thank you for the sneak peak. It looks wonderful! :D


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Re: Sneak Peek #5: New American History Guide

Post by mamanlait » Wed Apr 22, 2015 5:43 am

I love this choice!!!
Michael Farris has been a household name in my family for more than 5 years because of his work with the constitutional support of Parental Rights. This will be one of the subject areas in the new guide that I look forward to participating in. I'm so glad they are in DVD form! :)
Thank you for this selection!
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Re: Sneak Peek #5: New American History Guide

Post by Nealewill » Wed Apr 22, 2015 6:35 am

Thank you for sharing. This class looks absolutely amazing.

On a side note, I did click on the link that led to samples of the workbook. The website had a test your knowledge quiz right on the front page. I will state this - I do know that my constitutional knowledge is severely lacking but thought why no, lets see what I do or don't know. (BTW - in 11th grade when most students typically take government in school - I got really made at my parents and flunked the government class on purpose......needless to say, I tried my best to learn nothing that year, which didn't help me any on this quiz). So I took the quiz and majorly bombed it! As if my pride wasn't hurt enough knowing that I am failing, they then proceed to generously share with me how my score compares with everyone else took that same quiz LOL! :roll: :lol:

I also will say - one of my favorite things about homeschooling is learning myself! As my oldest goes through her guides, it has been my pleasure at times to complete an assignment with her that grows me as well. In CTC, I have truly enjoyed that Genesis book. I knew I would learn a few things but am amazed at some of the activities, which has drawn my attention to details that I now see in a completely new light. Next year my oldest is doing R2R and I plan to keep my own Philippians student book working it at the same pace and schedule as her. I may not do every little thing but at least it will be a point for conversation. And in keeping my own copy, I can refer to back to it when my younger kids go through the guide as well. In addition, for example, I did not get myself my own Joshab's journal this year. I will do that when my middle child goes through. I have seen several other the nature journal in MTMM, drawing the with WG map book, or even reading through the history of language book in the WH guide. Obviously us moms love our kid's books and even though we don't have to, we read several of them in advance just because we like to. I guess I am saying all this to state that as my kids go up in level, I fully intend to complete some of the items from their guide myself along side my kids. I know you don't have to but I want too. And this study here would be AMAZING for me to complete along side one of my children.

Thank you so much for picking such interesting and unique items that my kids can truly learn from and enjoy learning it at the same time!

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Re: Sneak Peek #5: New American History Guide

Post by LynnH » Wed Apr 22, 2015 8:48 am

I did not even know such a course existed. I think this will be so valuable. I know my dh is going to want to do this course with my son.
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Re: Sneak Peek #5: New American History Guide

Post by Tiffini » Wed Apr 22, 2015 12:37 pm

I'm very excited about this course! I'm with Lynn - my husband and I both will want to take it along with our dd! I know we will all learn so much and this is an extremely relevant topic that our kids must understand in order to live "Christianly" in today's world. Thanks for finding this gem for us, Carrie.
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Re: Sneak Peek #5: New American History Guide

Post by Carrie » Sun Apr 26, 2015 7:18 pm


I am so glad that you are excited about this course! :D We are excited too as it is so important to be literate about the Constitution and how it applies to each branch of our government (and how it affects our lives through its interpretation). :D I know this course combined with the government course in the American History Guide will go a long way toward helping my own boys be more prepared voters and citizens.


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Re: Sneak Peek #5: New American History Guide

Post by whisperingoak » Mon Apr 27, 2015 12:41 pm

This is exciting. Michael Farris is a household name here. He was the keynote speaker 3 years ago at our convention in OR. My husband enjoyed sitting in on the other sessions Michael Farris gave as well. After one such session my husband walked up to the HSLDA booth and purchased the dvd's. We have shared them with my Aunt for her to use with her girls and have purchased another set. Last week I was contemplating how it would be possible to add this to HOD plans once we reach the highschool years. When I opened up your latest preview yesterday morning and read this to my husband, he was thrilled.
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