Ok, I've got a doozy placement question ;)

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Ok, I've got a doozy placement question ;)

Post by krazzymommy » Mon Apr 13, 2015 7:21 pm

We have used and enjoyed HOD in the past. Took a year (or two?) off and contemplating returning, but not sure where exactly we would fit.

Two kids - 8 & 10. 10 year old has done all HOD years through Bigger. (I think he did it when he was 8, it was a little over him at the time.)
I really, really, really want to do US history in the fall.
We are just finishing up a world history year using CHOW, so I don't really want to do do Preparing.
I really, really, really want to combine them in a guide
We do not do HOD grammar or math

My thoughts - repeating Bigger? My ds is going into 5th and I just don't know if it's enough. I don't remember looking at the extension back when I had the guide. Any ideas?

ETA: I should figure out how to change my siggy...lol I guess I now know how old he was!
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We've enjoyed: Little Hands to Heaven, Little Hearts for His Glory, Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory, and Bigger Hearts for His Glory - took a break from HOD for awhile; excited to get back into it!

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Re: Ok, I've got a doozy placement question ;)

Post by mom2samlibby » Mon Apr 13, 2015 10:42 pm

I would do Bigger again and use the Extensions, if you think he can handle the extensions. The books in the extension pack were wonderful.
Have used:
Bigger, Preparing, CTC
Son, 17, with dyslexia, doing MtMM with extensions
Daughter, 14, using Rev to Rev with extensions

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Re: Ok, I've got a doozy placement question ;)

Post by Nealewill » Mon Apr 13, 2015 11:18 pm

I also so would redo Bigger. I think that because there was time in between that both of your kids will really enjoy it. Plus, the extensions will bring something new to the program.

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Enjoyed DITHOR, Little Hearts, Beyond, Bigger, Preparing, CTC, R2R, RevtoRev, MtMM

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