Sneak Peek #2: New American History Guide

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Sneak Peek #2: New American History Guide

Post by Carrie » Tue Mar 31, 2015 3:41 pm


It is time to share our next sneak peek, and the title of the outstanding resource we are using for this next area really does sum up the importance of this study. For Bible, in the upcoming American History Guide, we will be scheduling The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Study: A Survey of the New Testament by Starr Meade. It truly is the most important thing your students will ever study! 8)

We used the Old Testament survey by Starr Meade in our World History Guide, and my son has really enjoyed it. From my perspective, I love the questions it uses to draw students more deeply into God's Word, and I also love the way that Meade weaves together the threads of the Bible to show students the cohesive story of God's plan for mankind. :D

Below, I will include some comments about the purpose behind the study and the way it is designed. I shared these same comments at the beginning of the description of the Old Testament study, but I think it is important to understand the author's heart and intent, so I include them again below.

Starr Meade is the author of Grandpa's Box, which we carry and schedule in Preparing Hearts for His Glory. The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Study is an amazing course that guides students in a walk through the Bible from beginning to end to better understand the big picture. Understanding the big picture is truly an area where Starr Meade has been gifted by The Lord. Meade guides students to know what God is like, what He requires, and how to have a right relationship with Him through reading His precious Word. God chose to reveal Himself to us through the written Word, His Holy Book the Bible. To see God's overall message, the Bible is to be read like any other book... from beginning to end. :D

To gather the Bible's meaning, we need to study and analyze it. We need to think deeply about the it. Meade shares that each book of the Bible has at least one or more main arguments and important points to make. Following these arguments and points requires study. Of course, we need to turn this "head knowledge" into "heart knowledge," affecting how we live out of our lives. But, as God's Word says, "Knowledge (of God) is the beginning of wisdom." :D

Meade shares that she looks upon her survey of the Bible as a study. This study is based upon reading God's Word each day and studying it. The focus is on seeing the Bible as a book, with a main character that is God Himself. In His Book, he reveals His own character. This leads us to ask as we read His Word, "What does God do in the story? What do we learn from Him about what He does?"

Next, Meade shares that we need to understand that each book of the Bible was written by a human author who had a reason (or intention) for writing his portion of the Scripture. This intention helped determine what was included in that particular book of the Bible. Even though all Scripture is God breathed, knowing to what audience and for what purpose the human author wrote the book helps us understand what he wrote. :D

Meade also reminds us that while the Bible is to be read and studied like a book, it is not just any book. This means that we cannot pick and choose what we believe or agree with as we read God's Book. Instead, all of our "beliefs, opinions, and preferences must bow before the truth that God reveals in Scripture." This is such an important distinction that sets study of God's Word apart from the study of other books! :D

Last, Meade reminds us that because of sin's effect upon us, we are in need of the Holy Spirit's help to grasp what God is saying in His Word and to be moved to obey it. "Real understanding requires the work of the Holy Spirit in our hearts." Apart from God, we will never truly understand His Word. Studying also requires hard work and diligence! God has good reason for each part that is included in Scripture. This means it is worth the work to get to know His Word well.

In our guide, we will schedule Bible study daily. The study will include reading God's Word and answering questions in the companion study guide. Meade's context directs the study and helps students delve more deeply into what God is saying and revealing about Himself in His Word. :D

Students will also have memory work that will be required to be memorized and recited at the end of each quarter. This memory work is still being selected but will include memorizing passages from the New Testament.

Students will continue to keep a daily prayer journal. They will also listen to hymns as part of their Bible time, using When Morning Gilds the Skies. This beautifully produced hardback volume and accompanying CD includes 12 fully orchestrated hymns performed by Joni Eareckson Tada, Jon MacArthur, and Robert & Bobbie Wolgemuth. Beautiful lyrics, intriguing histories, Biblical wisdom, and inspirational messages are also included for each hymn. This set of hymns focuses upon the glory of heaven and on the eternal hope that we have in the Lord, making it a natural complement to the study of the New Testament scheduled within our upcoming guide. What better way to glimpse the wonder of Christ than to sing about his majesty and look forward with joy to being with Him one day in heaven! We pray that the poignant words of these hymns and the corresponding collection of writings will bring hymn study to our students in a way that will place a longing and a desire for our Lord and for heaven in their hearts! :D

Songs included are as follows: :D
Lead On, O King Eternal
My Jesus, I Love Thee
How Firm a Foundation
Amazing Grace
When Morning Gilds the Skies
Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah
Love Divine, All Loves Excelling
More Love to Thee, O Christ
All the Way My Savior Leads Me
Holy, Holy, Holy!
When He Cometh, When He Cometh (full song)
He Leadeth Me: O Blessed Thought

Students will earn one full credit of Bible: New Testament Survey by completing the study plan I've outlined above. The plan includes Scripture reading, studying, answering questions, memorizing, recording entries in a prayer journal, and hymn study. :D


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Re: Sneak Peeks 2015: American History Guide

Post by LynnH » Tue Mar 31, 2015 4:06 pm

Carrie I figured you would schedule the New Testament portion of The Most Important Thing You'll ever study, and I am excited about that because I think it is a wonderful study. I am very excited that you scheduled a hymn study again! I loved listening to my ds sing the hymns last year in MTMM and have actually missed that this year so I am thrilled that the next 2 years I will get to hear him singing along again. He does that first thing and it just sets a wonderful tone for the day.
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Re: Sneak Peek #2: New American History Guide

Post by holdinon » Tue Mar 31, 2015 4:13 pm

We were so hoping you would stay with this series! dd will be so excited! She has truly enjoyed the old testament survey this year and looking forward to the New testament. Thank you!!
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Re: Sneak Peek #2: New American History Guide

Post by Mumkins » Tue Mar 31, 2015 6:07 pm

Wow! This sounds so awesome. I want to do it myself:)
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Re: Sneak Peek #2: New American History Guide

Post by Gwenny » Wed Apr 01, 2015 6:31 am

Ahhhh! I want to do this study now! It looks so good. We have a few years though. You are amazing Carrie. Thank you sos much.
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Re: Sneak Peek #2: New American History Guide

Post by Carrie » Wed Apr 01, 2015 10:04 am


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! I am glad to hear that you are excited about this study, and I appreciate the feeback about the Old Testament Survey too. :D

Starr Meade truly was called to write these studies! They are engaging and stay true to the Word. What better way for our students to spend their time than immersed in God's Word each day. :D


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Re: Sneak Peek #2: New American History Guide

Post by mamanlait » Sun Apr 05, 2015 8:10 pm

I'm especially excited about the music. If these books/CD's are anything like the previous ones in MMtM and before, they include the musical score. I love how my daughter would sing the hymns with music in hand. Our church service is contemporary so these historical and God-honoring hymns are oh so special to me. I'm looking forward to hearing her sing throughout this Guide. It brings an academic *fine arts* element to the Bible study as well.

I haven't used Starr Mead's OT Study, yet, but we loved Grandpa's Box (and even bought one for a local library to have on hand). I trust the author and I'm happy to see a Bible study survey course in the guide.

Thank you for your careful choices!
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