My son does not like drawing and coloring.

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My son does not like drawing and coloring.

Post by momnwife » Thu Aug 01, 2013 10:01 am

We will be working through PHFHG this year. My son does not like drawing and coloring pages. How do I accommodate the "Draw and Write Through History" lessons? I will be challenging him enough to do the other projects in the lessons and would like to not have him do the drawings. Are there art pages that we could cut-n-paste onto lined paper and then do copy work on that page? Any other ideas?
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Re: My son does not like drawing and coloring.

Post by luv2homeschool » Thu Aug 01, 2013 11:26 am

My son doesn't like drawing, either, and he doesn't ever color because he's colorblind and it's so tedious to constantly check the color word on the crayon/marker/etc. That said, he actually LIKED the Draw and Write Through History book last year. It has good, step-by-step instructions, and the things they draw are interesting. Have you started it? I wouldn't give him an option of not doing it just because he doesn't like to draw.
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Re: My son does not like drawing and coloring.

Post by LynnH » Thu Aug 01, 2013 12:51 pm

My ds has Cerebral Palsy which makes writing and drawing very challenging. When we started Preparing when he was 10 he was not happy about trying to do the Draw and Write book. I didn't give him the option of not doing it. I just am a firm believer in the fact that there are things in life we have to do even if we don't like them or they are hard. What I did do is I let him trace the pictures at first and then color them in. This was a good compromise. He did that for most of the year. Then towards the end of the year he decided he wanted to start trying to draw them on his own just following the directions. He was thrilled when he was actually able to complete one. The following year in CTC Draw and Write was one of his favorite parts of the day and has continued to be so. When we get our new books for the year he quickly grabs the Draw and Write book to see what all he will be drawing. He loves showing his drawings to his dad. In fact the drawing he has done through HOD has carried over into every day life and he draws often. In fact we volunteer at an animal shelter and he took on the task of drawing all the dogs at the shelter last year. I also have seen that it has significantly improved his fine motor skills in other areas and his attention to detail and his ability to follow complex directions. All of these are such important skills to learn.

I guess one thing I would wonder is why doesn't your son like to draw? Is it because it is physically hard for him to do or is it just something he doesn't care for? If it is physically hard for him then I would make some modifications at first and then gradually remove those modifications. If it is just that he doesn't like it then honestly I would still make him do it for the reasons I mention above. I have noticed that if I let my ds pick and choose what he wants to do or not do during the school day that can lead to some major complaining and attitude issues throughout the day.
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