Placement Chart: New World Geography Guide

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Placement Chart: New World Geography Guide

Post by Carrie » Sun May 05, 2013 7:23 pm


I realize that many of you are waiting for the placement chart for the new World Geography guide to help you with your placement decisions. Since I am behind in getting the content to our web designer, I thought I'd post the placement chart for the World Geography guide on the board for families to use as they're making decisions. Hopefully, this will help you as you compare it to the placement chart for MTMM. :D

Keep in mind as you read over the chart below that we actually cover all of these things within HOD, leading up to the World Geography guide, so we are not planning for you to have to figure out a way to prepare your child for the World Geography guide on your own. :D Kiddos who have come up through HOD should be well-prepared for what the guide asks a student to do. Of course, all students have their areas of strength and weakness, however the chart is designed as a guideline to help you find the best placement for your child based upon what the guide will be requiring of your student.

Placing Your Child in the Right Program :D
If you are not sure which of our programs best fits your child, use our Program Placement Chart shown below to help you decide. The Placement Chart below is only for our high school level World Geography Guide. If the skills listed below do not describe your child, then move to the placement chart for our guides prior to the World Geography Guide located here:

Each of the subjects in the chart are placed in order of importance for correct placement, so consider the first row (AGE) to be more important than the second row (LITERATURE); the second row (LITERATURE) is more important than the third row (WRITING), and so forth. :D

Program Placement Chart for ​Hearts for Him Through High School:World Geography
AGE: ​13-15 years old extending to 11th – 12th graders

LITERATURE:​ Ready to independently read and analyze pieces of classic literature; has successfully completed formal literature study equivalent to Drawn into the Heart of Reading Level 6/7/8 including genres studies, literary elements, challenging vocabulary, and deeper thinking; regularly looks beneath the surface of what is read; is prepared to discuss literary analysis, Biblical worldview, and critical thinking questions

WRITING: ​Able to reproduce with few errors paragraph-length dictation passages; writes three to five paragraphs with ease, including the use of complex sentences; can write a 15-20 sentence narration with little difficulty; has had basic, formal instruction in essay-writing and other forms of writing; is ready for deeper instruction in writing various forms of essays (i.e. personal, persuasive, expository, compare/contrast); is ready to write a short research paper

ENGLISH: ​Knows and identifies the 8 parts of speech; has had extensive diagramming practice including phrases and clauses; regularly proofreads for mistakes in grammar, usage, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation in own writing; regularly applies grammar knowledge to produce clearer, more organized writing; has had practice taking notes, outlining, writing reports, and using reference materials

MATH: ​Can analyze and interpret textbook examples and use them to solve new problems; is strengthening abstract thinking skills; can use mental math, reasoning, and computation to solve more challenging problems; can synthesize and apply learned concepts to solve multi-step problems; is ready for Algebra I or above

GEOGRAPHY:​ Regularly reads assigned history texts on his/her own according to a schedule; can independently read and follow extensive written directions well; is an experienced oral narrator; can readily write a 15-20 sentence written narration; is prepared to complete geography-related assignments that require additional written work daily (i.e. copywork, bulleted notes, outlines, video viewing guides, analysis of primary source documents, preparation for Socratic discussions, questions based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, research topics, etc.); has preferably had experience with historical mapping, timeline entries, step-by-step sketching, and history projects (or is prepared to independently complete these things)

Further Consideration for Placing Your Child in the Right Program :D
If you have completed the first part of our Program Placement Chart and are still not sure if the World Geography Guide fits your child, you can use the additional information shown below to help you decide. Remember that the subjects are placed in order of importance for correct placement, so the first part of the chart that you’ve already read above should be considered much more important to your placement decision. As with the first part of the chart, each of the subjects below are placed in order of importance for correct placement, so consider the first row (BIBLE) to be more important than the second row (SCIENCE). :D

BIBLE: ​Has had experience with formal Bible study; is ready to develop a deeper faith that is rooted and grounded in God's Word; can follow written directions for a daily quiet time focused on Scripture study, thought-provoking questions, evaluation and application of what was read, memorization of Scripture, and daily prayer time for both the unreached peoples of the world and for personal needs; will keep a prayer journal and read and annotate either Practical Happiness or Stepping Heavenward to focus on becoming a Godly young man or woman

SCIENCE: ​Regularly reads assigned science material on his/her own according to a schedule; can use the text to independently answer questions based upon what was read; is able to internalize vocabulary necessary to the study; has had experience in conducting experiments and recording results using the scientific method; is prepared to conduct classic chemistry and physics experiments and record results within a lab manual; is ready to synthesize scientific information, investigate connections, and draw conclusions between chemistry and physics

WORLD RELIGION & CULTURES: ​Is prepared to read books that correspond with the ​study of world religion and cultures, complete graphic organizers to take notes on what was read, reflect on what was learned, and respond to bookmark prompts targeting higher-level skills (i.e. select lines to quote and comment upon; ask clarifying and probing questions; make connections between text, self, and world; and share observations, reflections, and musings)

LOGIC: ​Ready to read, discuss, and respond to exercises designed to help you logically recognize and identify fallacies (i.e. Red Herring, Ad Hominem, Tu Quoqe, Straw Man, loaded question, equivocation, circular reasoning, either-or, generalization, analogy, propaganda, etc.); learn how to reason with clarity, purpose, and relevance

FOREIGN ​LANGUAGE: Is ready for a gradual, systematic approach to beginning Spanish; is ready to learn new vocabulary, translate practice sentences, practice pronunciation exercises, and listen to Spanish spoken by a native speaker

If the skills listed above do not describe your child, then move to the placement chart for our guides prior to the World Geography Guide located here:

Suggestions and recommendations for using the guides prior to the World Geography Guide for high school can be found on our Message Board here: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=6571


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Re: Placement Chart: New World Geography Guide

Post by 4Hispraise » Sun May 05, 2013 7:58 pm

THANK YOU, Carrie! This is exactly what I have been waiting to see before making the final decision. Every guide is soo good, that I don't want my son to miss ANYTHING (and I don't want to miss it either :D ).

And...just really, my heart is full of gratitude to God for you and your family. I used to cry out to God for someone to come alongside me and help me do what is right for my kiddos...and then He sent you & HOD. :D I feel like you are my homeschooling mentor - one that I have never met, but who generously shares her experiences, knowledge and godly wisdom with me (and many, many others). :D So, thanking God for you and keeping you in prayer as you continue to follow where the Lord leads. :D
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Re: Placement Chart: New World Geography Guide

Post by LynnH » Thu May 09, 2013 11:53 am

Thanks Carrie for posting this. I think it is helpful to those trying to decide if their child is ready for the Geography guide, but it also helps those of us who are using MTMM next year to see how important the skills in that guide are for success in the Geography guide.
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