Preparing Timeline

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Preparing Timeline

Post by erdrmom » Wed Apr 17, 2013 12:13 pm

We are about halfway through Preparing and I think we are messing up the timeline. Here's the story. We tried putting it on the back of my dd's bedroom door, but since it is paneled, we had issues with some of the cards sticking into the routed grooves. So, I bought poster board for her to attach them to so she would have a flat surface. She has been just going back and forth on the poster board. Kind of like a "Z" pattern-starting at the bottom left, stairstepping until she reaches the other side of the poster board and then stairstepping back over to the other side. Is this how it is supposed to be done?

Honestly, I have been letting her "stick" them on her own and not verifying what she is doing. I have been so overwhelmed with caretaking for my mother who lives about 30 minutes away, managing meds, arranging dr appts, taking her to and from dr appts, that by the time we get to her timeline, I just let her go. I was looking at the layout today, and it seems that some of the events that are labeled to have taken place around the same time are not together. Right now I think it is just 2 or 3 cards out of order.

So my question is, should I move the cards that are out of order? I can have her re-do the timeline, but it may just be simpler to move the ones that are out of order and readjust from there. Anyone else ever have this issue?

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