Mixing and Matching??

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Mixing and Matching??

Post by MidwestMama » Mon Jun 02, 2008 9:07 pm

I would love to get your perspective on this...

I recently purchased Galloping the Globe (hopefully some of you are familar with that), and as I've mentioned here, I am also looking at Beyond LHFHG, and really want to use it. Both are good levels for my DS, based on my research and others' recommendations. And I think both would be fun programs for him. I'm debating on which of these to do first, or how to combine? I don't want to do both as full on programs.... way too much!! But DS loves Geography and I'd like to incorporate at least a few of the GTG units sooner rather than later, although I know I can save some of the units for down the road.

I thought about doing a couple units of GTG over the summer... then in August, switching to the first 13-14 weeks of BLHFHG through the Thanksgiving unit. Then switch back and do the Christmas unit in GTG, then finish Beyond. Then save the rest of the GTG units for next summer or the following year.

Will that work? Is that dragging either one out too long? Will DS get confused going back and forth like that? He is our only child, so not worried about any other kids' programs or combining.

Also, I'm wondering if it's early to do Beyond for this year. As we discussed on another thread, he's ready placement wise, and we tried to do Little HFHG a few months back, and it was too easy for him, he got bored because he needs more "meat". I'm not so much concerned about doing Beyond this year for K/1st, but more worried about doing Bigger for 1st/2nd, then Preparing for 2nd/3rd... will that be too much too soon, as I've read others say those jump up a lot in what's expected??

Just looking for recommendations from others who've done similar situations. Thanks much!!


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