MtMM nature journal - where to find these items?

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MtMM nature journal - where to find these items?

Post by Tabitha » Fri Mar 08, 2013 1:35 pm

I can't find two of the supplies for the nature journal. One being the semigloss paper, and the other the acid free tape.

The semigloss paper, is that just the paper you can use to print your own pictures from home? Would that same paper work, or is it something else? At Hobby Lobby I saw a spiral notebook of gloss paper for cartooning. It was quite pricey.

For acid free tape, all I can find anywhere is double sided tape for scrapbooking. By how the instructions read in the nature journal, it doesn't sound like they are using double sided tape.

I'd love to know where to get these items, or exactly what it is that I should be looking for (as I may be looking for the wrong things).

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