So excited for next year! 9th and 5th grades!

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Tree House Academy
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So excited for next year! 9th and 5th grades!

Post by Tree House Academy » Fri Feb 22, 2013 2:14 pm

We have been with HOD for a long time, but after this year, we will begin repeating guides! I can't believe it. My youngest son started with Beyond when he was just a little fella and now we are finishing Preparing (10 more weeks!). My oldest son started with CTC and is finishing Rev to Rev. So, next fall, I will be repeating one of my FAVORITE guides (CTC) with the youngest and using MTMM for my older's first year of highschool! HOD has been such a blessing for us through the years. I can't even imagine using another curriculum. I am so pleased with the boys' education! And I am so thrilled that our credit requirements (and the addition of a high school credit worthy Science in Rev to Rev) has allowed us to follow MTMM with extensions into high school. I can stand here and tell any person who is skeptical of the Charlotte Mason approach...or anyone who says HOD is too light in Science that they can hold fast to Carrie's plan! There has been nothing "light" about Science this year in Rev to Rev and my son has exceeded the challenge using the Advanced logbook. He was prepared for that simply by going through the other guides. My youngest son has such a love for Science that he begs for more and seeks out experiements on his own. HOD doesn't just "educate" the kids, it teaches them how to LEARN! I know I don't post as often as I used to and I don't take nearly as many pictures as I wish I could. Life has gotten busy here and time is scarce, but nothing has changed. We are still thrilled with HOD and will continue to use it until A. They graduate or B. There are no more guides left....whichever comes first. :)

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Carrie...and than God for HOD!

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We have completed LHFHG, BLHFHG, Bigger, CTC, & RTR.

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Re: So excited for next year! 9th and 5th grades!

Post by lapeseven » Fri Feb 22, 2013 6:39 pm

I love reading posts from HOD users that have been using the program long-term. It's always so encouraging! :D My plan is to stick with HOD all the way from here on out. Thanks for the encouragement! I've simply fallen in love with this program. My Kindergartener is so excited for her lessons every day. My 12 year is constantly coming to me after her reading saying, "Mom, guess what!" The only bummer is waiting till August for my high schooler to begin. :( Ok, ok, I admit it. I have her doing DITHOR and Write with the Best. :wink:

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Re: So excited for next year! 9th and 5th grades!

Post by 3sweeties » Sat Feb 23, 2013 8:43 am

YAY, Rebecca!!! :D How exciting! I just realized that this Fall I will also start repeating guides with LHFHG with my DD! I can also testify that my oldest DS (who just started his 4th program with HOD) has SUCH a love of learning...HOD is most definitely meeting one (along with others!) of our goals in our homeschool...that our children would LOVE to learn!!! :D :D :D
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Re: So excited for next year! 9th and 5th grades!

Post by Carrie » Mon Feb 25, 2013 10:35 am


I'm so glad that you are excited to begin CTC and MTMM coming up! Time really does fly doesn't it. :D It's so interesting that you are on the verge of repeating a guide. :D That is an exciting moment. :D

I used to worry that I wouldn't enjoy repeating guides and would long for something new, however I have actually found the opposite to be true (which was a big surprise and a blessing for me)! :wink: Now, I think of repeating a guide as revisiting an old friend. It is isn't as overwhelming as making a new friend, and it is a comfortable relationship filled with deeply meaningful moments I look forward to as I go through the guide. I love introducing my new little ones to my "old friend". I look forward with joy to each wonderful book I know we will savor. I also am always amazed at how each child in my family brings out different favorite aspects of each guide (making it seem all new to me too). 8)

Thanks so much for sharing! :D Your post blessed me beyond measure today. I pray The Lord will richly bless your time spent with your maturing children as we travel the HOD path together! :D


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