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Mary - Betty and Olive Question!

Posted: Tue May 27, 2008 4:30 am
by MainelyJen

I was reading through the Betty and Olive thread. Definitely a Betty here! I'm wondering if you had already posted the specifics of how HOD works for both Betty and Olive in both the overall plan and specific subject areas? How does a Betty or Olive recognize something that won't work for her, and then how can she tweak it to fit her style?

Did you cover all this in your workshop? Should I just order the CD?

:lol: I was just thinking that you should offer this as an e-book, explaining the differences between Betty and Olive, including the test, and then a list of recommended homeschool products based on the mom's teaching style. I'd offer to help, but being a Betty I'm the idea person. . .it's not like I'd ever really follow through! :lol: