Apologia and HOD

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Apologia and HOD

Post by Dustybug » Thu Jul 12, 2012 3:46 pm

A long time ago, someone had posted on the boards how they lined up the Apologia science books so that you could use all of the Young Explorer ones with HOD but not repeat the ones that HOD uses. They also lined up so the topics covered in Apologia corresponded nicely with the HOD science topics for each year. Would anyone know how they lined up?
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Re: Apologia and HOD

Post by choochooboysmom » Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:38 pm

I would love to read that thread too!

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Re: Apologia and HOD

Post by glperky » Fri Jul 13, 2012 5:45 am

Me too!
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Re: Apologia and HOD

Post by Mom2Monkeys » Fri Jul 13, 2012 9:44 am

That might go well to help some moms combine older ones with younger ones and feel more comfortable doing so! We loved the Zoo 3 book in CTC, and all those books in that series look amazing. I've LOVED how Carrie plans the science but being able to use those as beef ups or just being able to add in some extra fun on a 5th day and still stay on topic with HOD lessons is great.
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Re: Apologia and HOD

Post by jen_good » Sun Jul 15, 2012 7:22 am

I'm interested in this as well :D


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Re: Apologia and HOD

Post by Carrie » Sun Jul 15, 2012 8:19 pm


As far as the HOD Board goes, we usually try to keep to the topic of discussing the books that are scheduled within the HOD guides. Otherwise, it causes confusion to our board readers as to what is really scheduled within HOD and also gives the impression that things must be added to HOD in order to make it complete. :wink:

Within the HOD guides, we do schedule Apologia's Zoo 3 in CTC and Apologia's Astronomy in RTR. Those are the only two Apologia science books that we schedule in our guides up to this point. :D This is because we strive for the best balance of living material in the area of science for each topic studied in our guides and that balance looks different from guide to guide. :D

I do know some moms who choose to add an Apologia book here or there or other books as a fun extra on their free 5th day of each week (if they are doing an HOD guide with a 4 day plan or are choosing to use their younger HOD guide on a 4 day plan and stretching a bit into the next school year). This is just fine to do if you choose! :D However, I wouldn't want families to to think that this is a necessary addition, as the addition of an entire Apologia book every year could cause families to skip needed HOD science skills that we are training kiddos to learn in lieu of doing Apologia instead. :D

While you are always in the driver's seat with your child's education, I want to encourage you that if you give the HOD science path a try, you may really be surprised with the science education that your kiddos' receive over time. As with all good things, it can take time to see the fruit, but when you do I think you'll be amazed. :D We've worked to make sure that HOD's science covers the needed standards, helps kiddos learn to think scientifically, hones needed science skills, and helps bring science to life through engaging narrative content and stories about the lives of the scientists. :D

If you are already using HOD's science and are just looking for a fun extra, I'd lean more toward nature walks and nature journaling CM-style instead. :D If you just love more science, you could consider adding more science books on topics of interest on your free 5th day instead. I'd likely lean away from adding an Apologia every year though, as to your child it may feel like you are having quite a bit of science then, and may lead you to allow your child to skip needed HOD science skills in the day-to-day when things get too busy. :D You'll know best what will work for your family! I just wanted to clarify for our board readers what HOD plans in this area. :D


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