wow-had a grand new idea!

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wow-had a grand new idea!

Post by sherry80 » Sat Jul 07, 2012 8:38 pm

As you have seen, I have been trying to work starting 3 guides and Dithor with our large family. I have changed up my plans! I am hoping that this isn't a terrible idea......but here goes.
My oldest 2 will be starting Bigger with extensions and dithor (they are at the older end the range for this guide)
I was going to start Little Hearts but have decided to wait for 2 years. I know my oldest son will be a little out of the range but I will beef it up for him (he will be eight years old) We will continue with his phonics and math programs and handwriting, and I will add in the thinking skills workbook for this year. He will join in on devotionals and bible readings. He is an active boy and I think this is enough for him anyways.
Basically if I wait 2 years to start it, I will have a 3rd grader, 1st grader and one in K. Then I can combine all 3!!!!!! The oldest one will work through the guides with them either beefed up or use extensions when those come. The other 2 will fit in perfect with the age group.
I feel such a relief with this decision. I have never really pushed science or history until around 3rd grade anyways and I can add what I need to for him. We are a little slower here at learning to read as my bio kids have speech delays until about 3rd grade. So it gives us a chance to focus on phonics and math skills.
I am so excited!!!!!!
I know its doable to do 3 guides but the ages of our children are: 10,9,6,4,3,1,1 so we have 2 babies one month apart in age moving around! Our 4yo is adopted and has some attachment issues. We are still adjusting to the addition of the 2 from adoption, even thoug they have been home 7months! So this will help me keep my family in order while learning with HOD, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE and I think the kids will too!
I appreciate everyones help, this idea had never occured to me.
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Re: wow-had a grand new idea!

Post by mamayi » Sat Jul 07, 2012 9:03 pm

That sounds like an extremely workable plan! That's the wonderful thing about homeschooling (and doing it with HOD) is that you can arrange and adjust things to fit your family's particular needs!
Praying that you will have a successful year!
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Re: wow-had a grand new idea!

Post by 6timeboymom » Sat Jul 07, 2012 9:43 pm

that sounds wonderful!
FWIW, we've always done the guides a bit on the younger end, too. For instance, my 13 year old will be doing creation to Christ with the extensions, and the 12 year old is doing preparing without the extensions. We are pretty relaxed around here, too, so we do a lot of unschool-ish (I think I just made up a word :lol:) things along the way, too.
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