Using Little Hands to Heaven as a Sunday School curruculum

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amethyst rain
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Using Little Hands to Heaven as a Sunday School curruculum

Post by amethyst rain » Mon Feb 27, 2012 9:09 am

Has anyone done this? Anyone have any advice for me on how to do this. Should I just run through the whole curriculum as is, doing Unit 1-Day 1 on one Sunday, Unit 1-Day 2 the next? Or should I do bits and pieces of each day of a unit and go through one letter per Sunday? We will have the kids for an hour and a half, some of that will be free play time.

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Re: Using Little Hands to Heaven as a Sunday School currucul

Post by my3sons » Tue Feb 28, 2012 8:03 pm

Hi there! :D How exciting you are wanting to spread the Good News to little ones via LHTH! It worked well for me. I used LHTH many years ago with a group of children at church during a women's Bible study. I mentioned a few things about it in this thread. Though it was a different situation, maybe something would be helpful...

You can give HOD a call to find out about their licensing agreement. Mike will certainly be able to help out with those questions. HTH! :D

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Re: Using Little Hands to Heaven as a Sunday School currucul

Post by JanOH » Wed Feb 29, 2012 2:49 pm

My daughter did this at our church for Jr. Church a few years ago. In fact, I just panicked when I read Julie's post about liscensing agreements because I realized we hadn't even thought of that - but then I remembered that at that time, the Jr. Church was three of my own children (with maybe a handful of Sunday's with one visitor) so I'm hoping we're o.k.

What my daughter ended up doing was that she did each letter for two weeks. So she would end up doing two days plus a 'bit' worth each Sunday. Sometimes she would drop out an activity if the time was too busy. Sometimes she would expand it to use one letter over three Sundays. She let it be pretty flexible. As I recall it probably took her about two years to get through the program but the kids all enjoyed it.

It's kind of funny now to think about it because I didn't know anything about HOD at that time and picked up the LHTH guide at our local Christian bookstore for her to use for Jr. Church. Now I'm using HOD for almost all my kids and am starting LHTH with my two youngest.
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