Skip World Geography?

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Skip World Geography?

Post by Rgrin » Tue Mar 24, 2020 6:33 pm

Due to some odd and complex circumstances, we will be homeschooling my son (currently 8th grade/MTMM) through 9th grade, then switching to a charter program in 10th. I have been in contact with the school and am confident that his credits can transfer. I have spoken with other former homeschooling families in the program who have found the school to be quite accommodating in that regard. A problem, though, is that World Geography won't count toward my son's graduation requirements according to the state. Instead, World Geography would count as an elective (along with World Religions & Cultures, Bible, and Logic). He will have used 3/4 of his high school electives before hitting 10th grade!

We've used HOD all the way up from LHTH, and I would love to stick with the program for this last year. Would it be feasible to use the WH guide for History and Health (and possibly the Living Library), then WG for Bible, Logic, Spanish, English, Science, and Math? Or is there a way to adjust the Geography work to count toward a History credit instead?

GA Department of Education High School Graduation Requirements: "Three units of credit shall be required in social studies. One unit of credit shall be required in United States History. One unit of credit shall be required in World History. One-half unit of American Government/Civics shall be required. One-half unit of Economics shall be required."
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Re: Skip World Geography?

Post by Carrie » Thu Mar 26, 2020 6:38 pm


In thinking through your situation, while we can definitely consider some creative options, it is good to know that often what is required by states for graduation vs. what is required by colleges for entrance differs. So, at HOD we plan for college entrance requirements to make sure students are able to meet the requirements for any college a student might choose. In doing so, we typically exceed most state's high school graduation requirements. :D This is why students who go through HOD take 4 history credits - earning a full credit in social studies/history each year. Then, HOD students earn a 1/2 credit in Economics and a 1/2 credit in Government in addition to that. So in HOD your student would be earning 5 credits in these areas vs. the 3 required for your state. :D

My own sons had a similar situation in South Dakota as our state only requires the following:
SOCIAL STUDIES must include:
U.S. History: 1 unit
U.S. Government: .5 unit
Social Studies electives: 1.5 units
Total: 3 UNITS

Both my older boys earned the credits in HOD for social studies/history, and it worked well for college entrance. :D

If desired, you could definitely move your son up to the World History portion of the World History guide. It is a great guide, and one my boys have thoroughly enjoyed. It will be a challenge, but a challenge your son could likely meet since he is familiar with HOD's workload. He would need to be a good reader and independent worker to move up.

On the other hand, I would hate for him to miss the World Geography study as it is a great foundation for the rest of the history studies. Just understanding the history of exploration, seeing what places around the world look like, being able to draw the world from scratch, and identify where things are in the world is hugely helpful! Not to mention, the World Religions & Cultures study is an amazing set of books with key information about the world's major religions and how they compare to Christianity. :D

We'll be glad to help you come up with a plan that fits your needs!


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