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Crystal in Alaska

Posted: Thu Sep 06, 2007 1:25 am
by jamieswife
Hi! :D

I started using BLH last year with my then 5 and 6 year old boys. My older boy was doing first grade and my younger boy started kinder a year early. I love the ease of having all the lessons written out and all the prep work mostly done. That is such a burden off since I am schooling 4 of my babies. They love the curric. We had a tough year last year (major life events) and didn't get very far in the book so we are continuing it this year. My older boy is flying through the reccomended math program! They love the pilgrim stories and it's wonderful to hear these little boys (the older is now 7) share the history they've learned with their papa. At reading time my older two (15 and 11) stop what they are doing and listen too. My 11yo was just tonight telling papa all about why the pilgrims decided to leave Holland and the little boys were telling him the new Dutch words they learned!
They love the science books and the beautiful photos they contain. The experiments are so simple and use what we usually have on hand already.
And who would have thought my little ruffians would enjoy poetry so much!
We went with a different reading program then was reccomended and the boys aren't responding to it very well. I'm going to switch I think to one of the reccomended programs in a few weeks.
My 11 yo was asking if they made one for her age/grade. I said not yet but maybe someday....Carrie? Heehee!
I can't wait till my 20 month old is ready for Little Hands to Heaven!!!!

Thanks you guys for this curriculum!

Re: Crystal in Alaska

Posted: Sat Jun 20, 2015 10:32 pm
by SaraBear78
wow, how do you homeschool 5 children! Sorry about Gideon, I'm sure you miss him a lot. But at least he is with the Lord. I am just homeschooling my almost 7 year old. Starting during the summer since he was behind in Kindergarten this past school year. I have one going to pre-k public school. Any counsel on how to make it through all the activities and keep them focused? I think I run into problems when I have to cook and Jedidiah wants to watch TV during that time. Then when I am ready to work with him, I have to turn the TV off and it's hard for him to focus sometimes. I think I need to remind him of some incentives when he finishes something he doesn't like to do (i.e. writing) He is not a very good independent student yet..

would love to know any input, maybe a schedule? Do you stick to your schedule?