beefing up MMTM for High School??

If you have completed Missions to Modern Marvels, please share your experiences with us.
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beefing up MMTM for High School??

Post by ms13 » Sat Mar 28, 2015 11:08 am

What should be added to MTMM for 9th grade or HS credits???

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Re: beefing up MMTM for High School??

Post by StephanieU » Sat Mar 28, 2015 6:28 pm

First, you will probably get more relies of you post on the main board, as people don't always scroll down here.
As for beefing up, if you are going to be using HOD through the first US history guide, the big thing to add is economics. You might also want to start Spanish or another foreign language.
Then look at your state requirements and possible college requirements for science. If only three years of science is required, you could use the science in MtMM as is. If for years of lab science are required, you will have to determine what you want to do. You could beef up the chemistry in MtMM, but then that would mean changing the science for the senior year as well. You could do biology, but then you would have to do something different when you get to the WG guide.
I think extensions wouldn't be necessary for history, but they are an option of you wanted to make it more of an honors course.
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Re: beefing up MMTM for High School??

Post by Juli » Sun May 03, 2015 8:06 pm

I beefed up MtMM this year for my daughter and it worked out great! There is plenty there to meet HS standards imo. :D My daughter is an academic type and she is very challenged and there is enough for her to do with this guide to keep her busy for the hours required to earn the necessary credits.

Here is what my daughter is doing:
MtMM Economy Package as written, the science from the WG guide (IPC), MtMM language arts as written, Saxon Alg 1, MtMM basic history read-aloud package, the MtMM Extension Package, & we added some electives: athletics (we play 2 sports for our home school group), foreign language (we have chosen not to do Spanish for her and went with Latin instead, we are using Visual Latin and LOVE IT), & Mavis Beacon typing.

Credits according to me-lol:
English-1(English 1)
Math-1 (Algebra 1)
Science-1 (Integrated Physics and Chemistry)
History- 1 (US history-she will get a bit more of this when we go through the 3rd HOD HS guide)
Foreign Language -1
Drivers Ed- 1/2
Typing- 1/2

She also gets some of art and economics with this guide but I don't think it is enough to count for a credit; however my daughter has valued all resources and we see them as beneficial even though I don't know if they necessarily "count". She will also have a good base when those topics are covered more thoroughly in future guides.

I hope this helps. I found myself in the same spot you were last year and was a little freaked out to try MtMM for HS (I am a very by the book kind of gal). However, my dd was determined to not skip that guide or that part of history...she is HOD #1 fan. Anyways, after some council at the HOD booth at our local bookfair last year, I went for it and am so glad I did! Oh, and my daughter has LOVED this guide! She can't put her books down!

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