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Long term placement

Posted: Fri Jun 20, 2014 10:38 am
by lttwhivy
I am searching for advice in placement of my kids. I have a DD ( soon to be 13) and a DS (soon to be 11) and we have been using HOD for 2 years now. I started them together in Christ to Creation and we are about to finish Resurrection to Reformation in the next few weeks. My question is when and how do I separate them with material? My daughter will be considered an 8th grader this coming year, my son will be considered a 6th grader. I know I could have them continue the next 2 "grade" levels together, but once we finish them, my DD can easily move into the high school level material, but where does that leave my son? I have a concern that he would be too young to move into the high school material with my DD. It would leave us in a gap where I wouldn't have HOD material to cover that year. If I move him up with her he would graduate too young. Should I split them up now? Move my daughter into Missions and Modern Marvels? That means she would miss all history and science in Revival and Revolution. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!