My experiences

If you have used "Little Hearts for His Glory", please share your experience with us.
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My experiences

Post by anraab'smomma » Sat Sep 29, 2007 11:59 am

I used Little Hearts for His Glory last year, with my then 4- and 5-year old daughters and a 5-year old girl for whom I provided daycare services. Philosophically, I really like the classical and literature-based homeschooling approaches so Little Hearts was perfect for us. I was thrilled to find a history-based program at an early childhood level, especially one that incorporated biblical history from the very beginning. And the curriculum's thematic approach - where such things as the science and art tied in with the history - was so helpful because every major content area was covered. I often found supplementary resources (picture books) for the history and science at my library, but wouldn't have had to; they were just nice additions.

I didn't use the recommended reading or handwriting resources because I'd already started with other programs, and I remained happy with them. But I used the Singapore Math (after starting with a different curriculum that was terrible for us) and absolutely loved it! The Singapore approach of starting with concrete objects, then moving to pictures and then to the abstract concepts is, obviously, perfect for young children; unlike with my previous curriculum choice, I was sure the girls were really understanding what they were doing and - added bonus! - they loved it. :D

Anyone looking for a biblical, all-encompassing, user-friendly, age-appropriate curriculum should use Little Hearts for His Glory!
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