History Supplemental reading: very exciting!

If you have used "Little Hearts for His Glory", please share your experience with us.
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History Supplemental reading: very exciting!

Post by queenireneof3 » Tue May 27, 2014 9:11 pm

We have really enjoyed LHFHG this year. One thing that I discovered this week (unit 25) that I am KICKING myself for not discovering sooner, is the optional history supplemental reading list in the appendix. How did I miss that for 24 units? My kids really enjoy more in depth stories about the history topic and I have been wishing for more history reading to help the subject come alive. Well, it's right there in the back of the book! :oops: This week, I was able to go to the Library and grab a stack of books for the next three weeks that will go along with the history theme. and they have really loved it so far. I am posting to hopefully help other mamas with LHFHG to use that list if you want more literature for history.
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Re: History Supplemental reading: very exciting!

Post by Rice » Fri Jul 11, 2014 10:38 pm

Thanks so much for posting. I haven't even received my LHFHG guide yet (it's on it's way!) but I'll try to remember to look at that. My older kids have had lots of history books so I don't want this one to miss out just because we've switched curricula and don't know where everything is yet! I'll take a look as soon as it comes!

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