Math Suggestions - Age6/Grade 1

If you have used "Little Hearts for His Glory", please share your experience with us.
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Math Suggestions - Age6/Grade 1

Post by mshanson3121 » Thu Aug 29, 2013 6:19 am

I'm struggling with math for my son. Math has been an issue ever since we started, somewhat. My son is extremely visual-spatial, and abstract concepts are difficult for him, thus math can present a challenge. Concepts like ordinals, forget it. He has to see something, to be able to explain it. And even then, he can know the answer, but not really know how to get the answer if that makes any sense. Anyways, I know an ideal program would be Right Start or Math U See, but we just flat out can't afford them, even used. It has to be a workbook based program. He has a phenomenal memory, and he can SEE things and then remember them (he can read above grade level thanks to the amazing amount of words he has memorized by sight).

We've been using Math Lessons for a Living Education, and while he's doing well with the format, I'm not sure that it covers enough.

I've been considering using Singapore, and wanted some input on how you feel it teaches to those with different learning styles? Does it do a good job of approaching the VS learner? Or do you have other suggestions.

My son is 6, and as far as where he's at: he knows all shapes, colors etc... understands bigger, smaller, longer, shorter and other concepts like those (heavier, lighter), he understands the concept of addition/subtraction and can add/subtract with manipulatives, and has a few simple facts memorized (most +1s), he can count from memory to 100, can count to 1000 with a little help, he understands place value to the 100 house, he knows penny, dime, nickel, he understands the calendar (though it could use a little more work), we just started working on skip counting by 10s yesterday - the concept of skip counting will be a struggle with him, though again, if we can visually use a chart to teach him, he'll memorize it and do fine, he doesn't really understand ordinals outside of first, second...

I find mastery based programs are better for him, we tried Horizons for awhile and it was horrible. I just feel like his math education is a bit piece meal because we've been trying to find a program that really works for him.


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Re: Math Suggestions - Age6/Grade 1

Post by gardenmama28 » Fri Feb 14, 2014 7:06 pm

We have been using Rod and Staff grade 1 math for my six year old daughter. It is more of a mastery based program. She doesn't really enjoy doing the workbooks, but I think that is because she is such a creative kid and math seems so.... practical. But she is really understanding it well. There is lots of repetition (we are skipping half of the questions). You could easily add in manipulatives to add a more "hands on" experience. If you go to the curriculum website for Rod and Staff (milestone books is the distributor - there isn't an actual rod and staff website) you can see samples of the workbook pages. I like them because they are simple and not too flashy or colorful - less distraction.

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Re: Math Suggestions - Age6/Grade 1

Post by nena3927 » Mon Feb 17, 2014 6:41 pm

I am finishing up Singapore Essential Math with my Kindergartner and will be starting 1a during the latter summer months. I think that Singapore might be a good fit for your ds. With Carrie's hands-on activities that are scheduled within the guides (through 2b) it really helps dc "see" math. My son has done so well with this approach. Almost everyday there has been some sort of activity that corresponds with what we are studying. I have skipped a couple activities only because he understood the concept well but there is so much practice with hands-on activities that I think it would be well worth trying for your ds.
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