We love this program!

If you have used "Little Hearts for His Glory", please share your experience with us.
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We love this program!

Post by water2wine » Tue Nov 27, 2007 8:22 am

I just wanted to tell people that this is a wonderful curriculum. I originally bought it to have on the side actually to another program. I thought I could use it to give the other program more depth for my 5 year old while I used it along side my 3 year old. I tried very hard to make the other program work for us because I really wanted to love it but it was just not working for us. Every time I picked up LHFG which in my mind was just a side item it was so much deeper and easier to implement than the other program, plus my kids were just learning more with LHFG and I was frustrated less. So we went to LHFG full time and what a joy it is! It is so easy to use. I am teaching six and one with special needs. I feel like what I use with my 3 and almost 6 year old should be easy but at the same time I want it to be very special just for them. My older kids are using a different program geared toward older kids which we also really love and it is so much easier now to get it all done. I like that I can include into LHFG anything from my other kids program that I think relates or even doesn't and not throw everything off. And the reverse is true for us as well. To me that is what a program should be. It should be an asset to whatever you want to put in your children's heart not a burden that restricts what you teach.

What I really love about LHFG though is in its simplicity the learning is still very deep. I feel like my kids are getting very good Bible and character training. The science and history is also great. Not only did she pick great sources, but I love that there is such great commentary to pull it all together and give it even more depth. I love that you get this all open and go. If I don't even look at the day or the week for that matter, it still flows and comes out so meaningful. Plus my kids just have a blast. If we do the memory verse just a few times and the rhymes in motion just a few they are disappointed and usually in the evening they ask to do it again. In fact they are always asking to do the activities we did the week before again. I love that! It's important to me that they feel like the have something very special for their school time and do not feel left out compared to what the older kids do.

One other thing that has been really important for us is that the entire program is not fixed around a certain phonics program. Our last program was and it is very difficult to pull that off with kids on different levels or even one that moves faster or slower than the program. I had both so it was extremely frustrating. Same thing with math, we had already started something else and it's working. But I like that since the math concepts are laid out in the book I can use it as kind of a double check that we are getting it all the concepts while using something else.

We love this program so much that we already have BLHFG for next year and I see us doing the next level as well! So if you are thinking about this program don't hesitate! It can work for really any situation. In my opinion it's the best thing out there for the age levels it covers. There is academic excellence with spiritual depth that has not compromised your child's innocence just to be trendy. I see a lot of other programs introducing concepts and history that I think children are just too young to digest spiritually. The younger years, I feel, are for implanting spiritual truth rather than adding to it alternative ideas alongside. Also I find other things are either too complicated and too much work for too little return, or just lack the depth and connection in biblical and character training when you actually use the program. This has it all biblical training and academics mixed with plain old fun! Add to that, a very open and go program that just makes your day stress free and you have a winner! I have no complaints about this program except this one...I want DITHR to be a part of a program for older kids so I could use the entire thing with all my kids. But I guess I can't expect Carrie to educate my entire family all the way through for me. It would be nice though!

Hope you enjoy this program as much as we do!

A happy mom of six

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