Help Posting Pictures

This folder is for sharing photographs of finished projects from any of the HOD guides. Please label pictures with the guide that the project came from, and if you know the unit number you can add that too!
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Help Posting Pictures

Post by Carrie » Mon Nov 03, 2008 2:14 pm

To post pictures, I put them in photobucket online first. (This is what I saw someone reccommend last spring when I was new here.) I think they have to be online to post them on the message board. So, you'd go to photobucket and set up an account. Then you download your pictures from your computer to photobucket. Their bulk downloader is MUCH faster - I'd reccommend that. I have mine download as "medium" size, but it may not matter anymore what size you download them as because I think the HOD board posts them as a certain size. (We used to get some GIANT pictures and some little ones.)

Once the picture is downloaded, underneath you'll see a bunch of little codes you can click on. When you click on the one that says IMG, it will say "image copied". So, as you're posting on the HOD board, and you're ready for a picture, you'll paste it right into the messge. (I just use control v.) When you put it in the message it won't look like a picture until you submit the message. It'll be the "computer language" to the picture. I open 2 tabs when I'm posting pictures so I can go back and forth between photobucket and HOD. You'll have to go back to copy the next picture by clicking on the IMG place and then paste it into HOD, etc.

Does that make sense?

Can't wait to see pictures of all your fun!


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Re: Help Posting Pictures

Post by Kathleen » Sat Nov 15, 2008 12:11 pm

Julie posted much clearer step-by-step instructions than I rambled off, off the top of my head. :wink: I thought these would be helpful here, too. :D
If you are wondering how to upload pics, just do the following:
1. Go to
2. Sign up for a free account.
3. Upload pics from your computer.
4. Check the boxes next to the pics you want to use.
5. At the bottom of the screen, click on "generate HTML and IMG codes"
6. Then copy the 4th. box labeled "IMG Images for Message Board"
7. Finally, paste them into your HOD post.

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