Teaching LHTH in a group setting....love it!!

If you have used "Little Hands to Heaven", please share your experience with us.
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Teaching LHTH in a group setting....love it!!

Post by lovetoteachPrek » Thu Oct 25, 2007 1:21 pm

Hi ladies! This is my second year to teach LHTH to a group of PreK kiddos at my church. We love it!

I am a stay- at -home mom.....the oldest 3 attend public school and the youngest has one more year home with me. I've taught the preK class at church for many, many years and just never felt at ease or like it was as successful as I wanted. I even tried to write my own curriculum (using a story bible as the spine) and got bogged down ....with having 4 children. Thank goodness Carrrie wrote one (and had 4 children) :) . When I stumbled upon it, I just couldn't believe I had my hands on something that I imagined would be *it* for my class.

Having only an hour once a week, I of course modify the units. We focus on the bible stories, the dramatic play, devotions, music, and art. Put all that together and you have a fun and jam-packed hour. Instead of buying curriculum that comes with the papers the kids take home (you know, the ones that end up all over the van floor), the kids each get a wonderful story bible to keep and cherish. Many of them tell me their parents read it to them at home.

The results have been amazing......the kids' parents often come up to me and tell me just how much their children love my class. Parents who aren't usually so faithful to attend our mid-week bible study get dragged there by their Preschoolers......they say their children never want to miss! I'm finally happy about what I'm teaching and they are happy. :D

My advice for this program (my 2nd time through with a group) is to never skip the dramatic play and bible activities. Sometimes you'll read that part and think it sounds kind of silly.....but, the age group this is intended for just really thrive and learn with this kind of play. Just last night I saw their faces literally light up as they pretended to be Joseph receiving the colorful coat. Last year they wanted to play (over and over and over) the angel who shut the lion's mouth to protect Daniel. In unit 27, there is a wonderful opportunity to "play church" and really expand on showing respect in how we worship.

If anyone is interested in using this for a group, I have lots of suggestions and ideas!


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Post by my3sons » Tue Nov 27, 2007 8:25 pm

I used LHTH in a group setting at our church as well. It worked out wonderfully! We did two lessons a time with the children, during a one hour women's Bible study. Glad to hear it worked for you too!
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Post by lovetoteachPrek » Thu May 29, 2008 9:37 am

Just last night we had a beautiful discussion of what heaven will be like (from the unit "Jesus Prepares for His Death") and after reading several of the recommended scriptures, one little boy said "you know, until now I thought that in heaven you just laid on your back and floated around all day." :lol: Several mentioned missing family members who have died and how they missed them and will see them in heaven.....it was very, very sweet.

We are going to finish up the study with a little manners course. Since I'm teaching all year, Little Hands finishes up before my teaching year is up,andI love the fact that I can add in a special unit.

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Post by Carrie » Thu May 29, 2008 10:07 pm

Thanks so much for posting this! What a wonderful idea to have each child receive their own Bible. I'm so glad that the little ones you are teaching are being drawn closer to the Lord through LHTH. :wink:


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