Why Little Hands to Heaven Is Our #1 Choice for Preschool

If you have used "Little Hands to Heaven", please share your experience with us.
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Why Little Hands to Heaven Is Our #1 Choice for Preschool

Post by my3sons » Sat Feb 23, 2008 5:30 pm

Little Hands to Heaven (LHTH) is the ONLY program that we would use to begin our homeschool journey. We've used it several times now, and it is just a stand-out program. The reasons it has become a staple in our home are many, but I'll try to share them here...

is complete and covers all necessary preschool skills.

is open and go, with a daily one-page plan that is easy to follow.

has boxes that each take 5 minutes, so I can either do them throughout the day or all in a row.


are short, simple to do, and can really be done by my dc rather than done by me with them watching.

are totally fun, and my dc often continue doing them for their "playtime" just because they liked them so much! :lol:

link to the Bible story and really help my dc remember it.


shines through in every aspect of the program.

has my dc doing fun fingerplays and rhymes that they beg to do again and again.

has a nice devotional link to each weekly theme.


are living and written in a narrative way.

include a beautiful children's Bible that my dc love.

include an awesome CD of songs called The Singing Bible that my dc really enjoy and ask to listen to again and again.


My children have learned all of their letters, basic sounds, colors, and numbers this way. Just as important, they have learned a ton of Bible stories, done awesome hands-on activities, and have gotten wonderful time one-on-one with me. I've done this program in a group church setting, on total bedrest, and even after I was recovering from a surgery. It is THAT EASY to use. Most importantly, my dc have had a solid start to school and think that homeschool is WONDERFUL... that they are GOOD at it... and that they CAN'T WAIT to do more of it! And all in 20-30 minutes or less a day - you can't beat that! I'll be using LHTH again with the rest of my dc - and the good part is, I can't wait to teach it again!
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