If you have used "Little Hands to Heaven", please share your experience with us.
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Post by fishchick72 » Tue Feb 18, 2014 5:58 pm

I started using LHTH with my 4 year old son last August. He already knew his letters names & sounds & he was already reading. So I was needing to beef it up some, but I definitely felt that LHFHG was too advanced for him. I added on crafts & coloring sheets that went along with the Bible story we were covering. Whenever he was supposed to learn the name & sound of the letter I had him practice writing the letter instead. But overall we have really been loving LHTH. Along the way I converted it to 4 days per week rather than 5. I've added on reading lessons & Spanish lessons also. And I've taken 3 weeks off total I think--one for a vacation we took, one for Thanksgiving, & one for Christmas. But I love the simplicity of it--just the TM, Bible, Devotional, & CD. And I love the way it's written--going through the whole Bible. A few weeks ago I sat down with a calendar & I see we will be finishing up in April (right before his 5th birthday) & then I'm going to take a week off & then start a 12 week study that I've written myself, all with me reading aloud & then discussing what I read, then I'll take a week or two off & then we'll begin LHFHG in August for K!!

I do want to add that in Sunday school at church my son was having difficulties when he first moved to his current classroom last June. The teacher was frustrated with him, saying he couldn't focus, he couldn't sit still, etc. Along the way the teacher complained less & less. I had assumed that she was just getting used to him, but the teacher's assistant (or aid?) commented several times how much my son was changing. The assistant finally asked if he was in preschool, saying that something like that could create a positive change in him like she had been seeing. I shared with her that I was homeschooling, doing preschool. And she told me to keep it up because it was definitely working for him. Made my heart swell up so much.

I thank God daily that I am able to homeschool my son & I thank God for Heart of Dakota, love it, love it, love it.
Happily married with two grown stepkids & homeschooling my {miracle} son: LHTH fall 2013, LHFHG fall 2014, BLHFHG fall 2015, BHFHG fall 2016,

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