Should I consider LHTH for my 4 y.o.?

If you have used "Little Hands to Heaven", please share your experience with us.
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Should I consider LHTH for my 4 y.o.?

Post by Natalija » Thu Nov 17, 2011 5:29 pm

I am considering to HS my son with HOD materials. I researched a lot and this Cur. seems to be a good match for us!
But I have a question about what to start with.
My son have been HS for about a year now. He is very advanced in some areas but a little behind in others.
For example: he is advanced reader, reads books, knows all numbers, colors and so on.
BUT... he is somewhat behind his peers in the area of Speech : receptive is difficult, we still working on answering questions. So speech and undestanding of speech is behind compared to his peers.
So I guess Bible lessons will be just perfect to learn with LHTH, but as for other stuff it is probably going to be too easy for him - like learning letters and numbers.
BUT as for learning to write - he writes letters and numbers but they are not so pretty :wink:
So what is your advise: should I start with LHTH or get the next level for 5-7 y.o.?
I would really appreciate your input!

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Re: Should I consider LHTH for my 4 y.o.?

Post by Carrie » Thu Nov 17, 2011 7:45 pm

Welcome to the HOD Board! :D We're glad to have you here! :D I'll move your post over to the Main Board where more moms will see it. All new posts begin on the Main Board. :D


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