2 Program families, Care to share your schedules?

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Christy in Texas
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2 Program families, Care to share your schedules?

Post by Christy in Texas » Sat Aug 23, 2008 9:11 am

Would anyone like to share their school schedule? I'll be doing Little Hearts and Bigger. I've read the one in the FAQ's, but would like to see others. Thanks!
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Re: 2 Program families, Care to share your schedules?

Post by LeAnna » Sat Aug 23, 2008 10:22 am

We are doing LHTH and LHFHG.... This is about how our day goes...:) I am in the process of planning my schedule still, but this is what we are doing for now. It seems to work fine, though. We have to change it up a bit on those days we have field trips, ballet and other things with our homeschool group. :D

8:30a-- I do Little Hands to Heaven with my son (takes about 30 min.)
9:00-10:30 --Little Hearts
10:30-11:00-- Take a break if we need to.
11:00-12:30p-- Finish Little Hearts and any art, music or health that we do extra
12:30-1:30-- lunch
1:30-3:30-- rest time ( I also use this time to tackle a job around the house)( I also may have my older dd do The Reading Lesson on the computer)
3:30-6:00-- playtime for the kids
5:00-6:00-- I work on dinner
6:00-- Dinner
7:00-- Family time
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Re: 2 Program families, Care to share your schedules?

Post by inHistiming » Sat Aug 23, 2008 12:21 pm

Here is our current schedule...we just started last Monday.
We start at 8:30, but do not stick to specific times per subject.


-Bible, music, poetry
- Math
-Vocabulary/Notebooking when we have these assigned
-History and Science read-alouds (including extension pack selections)

We still have to add DITHOR in a few weeks, and storytime will come in at the end beginning on Monday...we won't get the book from the library until then. :oops: This past week we were done by 12:05 the first day, and by 11:45 the other two days. We only did 3 days due to a class the kids had and a Dr. appt. Mom had on Thursday, and Daddy was home on Friday. We will be using a 4-day schedule until December because the kids and I have co-op on Fridays beginning in September. After that, we will probably do 5 days a week.

Little Hands to Heaven

We do this in the afternoons after lunch. I send the olders to their own rooms to read or play quietly while I work with 5yo ds. He enjoys the alone time with Mommmy and the fun activities, and the other kids do well with the solitude. It takes us about 25 minutes to complete LHTH.

We also have Health/Spanish/State Study that we add one a day during the week. Monday might be Health, Tuesday is Spanish, and Wednesday State Study. We just tack these on to the end of our table time work.

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Re: 2 Program families, Care to share your schedules?

Post by gingel » Sat Aug 23, 2008 7:38 pm

I'll post our "schedule," if you'd like to call it that, because I haven't seen anyone else who does it this way. :lol: We are doing Little Hands (ds) and Beyond and DITHOR (dd). We do math first because that is the subject my dd struggles with most. I write all of our subjects for the day on a piece of paper, sometimes 2-3 together if they need to flow together (like history and Bible sometimes do.) My dd thrives on choices, so I let her choose what we'll do next. If she takes too long to choose, I choose.

Thankfully, my ds does very well playing on his own. When he needs some interaction, though, we stop at the end of a subject and do some of "his" school. We usually start with the Bible story, action rhyme and music. If there is something that ties in well with that, we do it then also. Sometimes I'll help him with drawing a letter or looking for pictures for his number book when dd is doing something more independent at the table (like copywork or spelling.)

We usually save the art projects until last since they are a fun way to end our school day. With art, what one kiddo is doing, the other one usually wants to do, also :) .

Next year with 2 programs that both take longer, we won't have this flexibility, but I am enjoying it for now!

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Re: 2 Program families, Care to share your schedules?

Post by Motherjoy » Sun Aug 24, 2008 8:02 am

We're using LHTH and Preparing. Here's what we do:

Breakfast & Preparing's Storytime & Reading About Histoy
9 - littles color or table activity while I get 10yo started on Research/Geography/Vocab/Timeline, & History Project
9:30 ish - LHTH
10 - 10yo does Independent History (and science if he has time), LIttles and me do chores, or play
10:30 - outside
11:30 - Lunch & Preparing's Poetry
12 - quiet time for littles/ 10yo finishes science or anything else he didn't get done
12:30 - 10yo & I work on Bible Study, Language Arts & Math
2 - Littles up & play

Then We're done for the day...I really find that doing subjects during meals saves a lot of time.
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Re: 2 Program families, Care to share your schedules?

Post by Carrie » Mon Aug 25, 2008 6:59 pm

I'm not sure if you've had a chance to see this past thread, but it addresses those very programs: :D


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