Thoughts on the new "ancient history" guide

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Thoughts on the new "ancient history" guide

Post by Carrie » Sun Jul 27, 2008 4:28 pm


After typing this out on the "Opinion Poll" thread, I thought I'd also post it here, so more of you get a chance to see it and respond: :D

Ooh, Ladies! What truly excellent responses. There is much wisdom throughout your posts and much to ponder. I agree that our kiddos need to be exposed to pagan gods and cultures in order to know how to respond to them, and I also agree that this is best done through the context of the Bible. This is where the spines of our newest program come in! I'll give you a peek into what were planning (while always reserving the right to change our minds)!

I'll do this to give a fuller picture of what you're weighing, when the read-aloud question for storytime comes up!

Our plan is for the Economy Package to include "The Story of the Ancient World" by H.A. Guerber, with text added and edited by Christine Miller (for the students to read on their own if possible). The link for that text is here:

The Economy Package will also include the newly released classics "Streams of History: Ancient Greece" by Kemp and "Streams of History: Ancient Rome" also by Kemp (for the students to read on their own if possible). The link for these texts is here: ... log=greece ... talog=rome

To end the year with a wonderful picture of Christ and the spread of the gospel, the kiddos will read the entire gospel of John from their Bibles, and the first 13 chapters of Acts (on their own if possible).

In addition, we plan to include "Genesis: Finding Our Roots" for the parents to read and disucss with the kiddos throughout the year, and "A Child's Geography of the Bible Lands" for the parents to read and discuss with their kiddos as well. ... 494&sr=8-1

Those books would all make up the Economy Package, along with the Teacher's Guide.

Additionally, there will be a package that includes materials for students to use independently to enhance their history study. In Preparing Hearts...., we used literature for that package, but in the new ancients book, we will be using that bottom left box of the plans for materials that teach kiddos needed skills by presenting history in a different way (to hit the different types of learners). Right now, we are planning for that box to include "Diana Waring's audio CD's: "What in the World's Going on Here? Volume 1". These will be matched with the history readings. Our plan is for students to begin some very basic outlining skills by filling in information in a provided outline (in their notebook) while listening (or after listening) to Diana's talk/lecture on the subject matter. Here's the link: ... 5,232.aspx

The bottom left box of the plans will most likely also include assignments from "Draw and Write Through History" Volume 2. These sketches and cursive copywork will be added to the notebook as well. The book is linked here:

In addition, there will be some sort of history encyclopedia for kiddos to use as a reference. We may very well use the Usborne Ancient World Encyclopedia, included in the Extension Package of Preparing.... for that purpose. Notebook entries will be created based on material provided in the reference encycloedia. We hope to provide a set of student pages for purchase that will actually be a notebook template all ready to go (reproducible for family use), and the guide would direct students when to make an entry and where to make it within the notebook.

So, you can see that there will be extensive coverage of the Bible with the pagan gods and cultures woven into the stories within the context of the Hebrew people's interaction with them.

However, while each of these items (except the encyclopedia) are living books, they are not historical fiction from the time period. At this point, it is looking like the Extension Package will contain historical fiction readings for the 12-13+ old audience that match with the general time periods. The 12-13+ year old range is a much different age range maturity-wise then the 9-11 target range for the rest of the materials. So, I am more comfortable including historical fiction there. My thoughts at this point are that those families who really desire to read-aloud coordinating historical fiction, could read-aloud the Extension Package to their kiddos (knowing that some of the content will be more mature). Then, the storytime would include choice of a Boy and Girl Set of Read-Alouds (with possibly one or two appropriate historical fiction books that match the time period, only if they end up being a truly excellent choice). The Storytime would not be matched to the history overall, but would have all 9 genres represented, so kiddos get to listen to a variety of stories.

Drawn into the Heart of Reading would also provide further literature exposure, with books targeted specifically at each child's interests and ability levels.

Anyway, I'm still pondering, but you've given me some wonderful things to think about! I'm am grateful for the input of each and every one of you!

Consequently, Charlotte Mason did not match her read-aloud books to the historical time period being studied in history in the way we are contemplating here. She instead used books that were written AT the time of the historical time period being studied (but the subject matter of the book may not match the history events being studied). She felt that using authors who were alive during the period being studied would automatically bring the period to life. She also continued to read-aloud from a variety of genres providing a "buffet" for her eager listeners. I am inclined to do the same!



Re: Thoughts on the new "ancient history" guide

Post by netpea » Sun Jul 27, 2008 4:44 pm

Thanks for letting us know your plans for the upcoming book. I am looking forward to seeing how the plans come together. Thank you for all your efforts. I have been reviewing the introduction for Bigger and I'm getting excited about the coming year.

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Re: Thoughts on the new "ancient history" guide

Post by water2wine » Sun Jul 27, 2008 6:50 pm

Carrie this sounds wonderful to me. The world view is definitely handled in the resources that you picked. 8) I love that there is an extension pack that matches the time period and I think having the option of reading that aloud to filter or discuss it is wonderful. I love all the resources you have picked. In fact many are on my shelf waiting to be used so I appreciate you putting it all together for me. :lol: And I think what you have planned for story time given the context of your other resources sounds great. I also love that you pulled the NT into it and I can't wait to see how that all works into the program. It sounds wonderful to me! I can't wait to see it!
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Re: Thoughts on the new "ancient history" guide

Post by my2guys » Sun Jul 27, 2008 8:50 pm

Just wanted to agree that your plan sounds wonderful (as always :wink: ). You have such a gift for pulling together just the right resources in just the right way. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. :D
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Re: Thoughts on the new "ancient history" guide

Post by Allison TX » Sun Jul 27, 2008 8:53 pm

Carrie, your plan looks great! I love all the resources you have chosen. I can't wait to see more details in the coming months. :)


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Re: Thoughts on the new "ancient history" guide

Post by Carrie » Sun Jul 27, 2008 9:49 pm


We're excited about it too! I just wanted to let you know I fixed the links above that weren't working, so you'll be able to click on the book covers in the links now to "see inside" the books! :D


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Re: Thoughts on the new "ancient history" guide

Post by Rebecca » Mon Jul 28, 2008 7:13 am

Thank you so much for sharing this!
What a blessing!

I discussed this post with my husband and we both are feeling very happy and content with Heart of Dakota!
Thank you so much!

I love the Guerber book and its careful chronology (hope I spelled that right!)

I wanted to say it is "looking great."
Also, I love the idea of having the historical fiction be in the extension pack with the option to read aloud- AND having the boy/girl set. Yay!


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Re: Thoughts on the new "ancient history" guide

Post by Jessi » Mon Jul 28, 2008 8:41 am


Thank you for posting the links to these sites. It is quite exciting to see where God is leading you in choices.

Just like Rebecca, I was telling my husband about this post last night and he and I were both so glad we found HOD and the way you allow the HOD family to catch a glimpse of all your hard work. We are thrilled to be a part of this family!!

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I am so excited about your choices!!

Post by stellar » Mon Jul 28, 2008 11:32 am

Thank you for your careful research :-)


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Re: Thoughts on the new "ancient history" guide

Post by MamaMary » Mon Jul 28, 2008 12:09 pm

Oh Carrie..., (where are those hopping icons when you need them!?!?!) I LOVED all of those resources. The first one brought tears to my eyes. I loved the pictures and the way it was written. My spirit was so full. Now you keep taking your vitamins, as I know you don't get a lot of downtime, but it's all for the Kingdom of Heaven!

How many hearts are being steered to God because of the hours you invest? What a beautiful heritage you are leaving for your boys. As I was responding to this post the Lord brought to mind Matthew 6:19-20! No only are we storing up treasures in heaven through using a biblical worldview, but we are also giving them the academics they need to make a difference (for the Lord) in this fallen world! One day we will see Him Face to Face! (Big happy Wistful Sigh)

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Re: Thoughts on the new "ancient history" guide

Post by Mommamo » Mon Jul 28, 2008 1:36 pm

It all looks wonderful! Thanks for all the hard work you do. What a blessing you are to so many people.
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Re: Thoughts on the new "ancient history" guide

Post by Vicki » Wed Jul 30, 2008 6:41 am

Thanks for sharing that bit of insight for your upcoming program. I enjoyed reading what you have in mind, and the direction we'll be moving in once that time rolls around. ---And thanks for all your hard work too!! :D
Moving along at our own pace, and very happy with it!

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Re: Thoughts on the new "ancient history" guide

Post by LeAnna » Wed Jul 30, 2008 2:28 pm

Oh Carrie!!! It all looks wonderful!!! Thank you for your hard work at finding the best materials for HOD!!!

LeAnna :D
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Re: Thoughts on the new "ancient history" guide

Post by Love2Learn » Thu Jul 31, 2008 7:56 pm

Dear Carrie,

I am new to HOD and am thrilled to have found Preparing (I have 4 children, ages 3, 5, 9, and 11). My question is - will the 4 year cycle after Preparing include extension packages as well? My 11 yo will be in high school for the 3rd year, Early American history.

Also, in general terms, of course, do you have any plans for science?

Thank you for what you are doing. Your work is blessing many families, including my own.


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Re: Thoughts on the new "ancient history" guide

Post by Carrie » Thu Jul 31, 2008 10:51 pm


At this point the plan is to continue to have extension packs for the guides that follow Preparing. However, nothing is ever "set in stone" as we go guide by guide praying over the choices for each one.

As far as the science goes, we are still researching our options, so take this with a grain of salt (as it can always change) but... we will most likely be doing something I am surprised to be considering...
which is possibly using Apologia's newest Elementary book Zoology 3: "Land Animals of the Sixth Day" by Jeanie Fulbright. While my oldest son had used most of the Astronomy book when he was a third grader (and had mixed success with it), we have not used the rest of the Apologia books, as we were able to find books we felt were more living and could delve into more than one or two topics per year in this manner.

But, this latest Apologia book is much more narrative than its predecessors. It is very God-honoring (as all Apologia books are), engaging, and quite living overall. The pictures are bigger and brighter and the experiments and mapping/tracking sessions are well-done. Usually Zoology 1 is suggested as a prerequisite, but this is only due to the animal classification that was introduced in Zoo. 1. So, by reading the first chapter of Zoo. 1 off the Apologia site, or by using an animal classification chart as the kiddos read, we can sidestep that prerequisite hurdle. We would schedule the book out in our guide and write assignments to coordinate with our overall plan for science.

We are also currently planning to do the human body toward the last half of the guide using Galen's Gateway to Medicine along with John Hudson Tiner's Exploring the World of Medicine OR with his newest book (that will be released in April) Exploring the World of Biology. Our plan would be for the kiddos to read these texts independently (as the target range for our newest guide is ages 9-11 with extensions for older kiddos aged 12-13+).

Of course, we reserve the right to totally change our plans, but at this point that is where our mind is at! I will say that while the history and Bible options are quite set at this point, the science is still open to change once we get a good look at Tiner's newest book. We will be able to view the Table of Contents and the Samples before the actual release of Tiner's book.

We have some other wonderful living books that we are still considering in place of the Zoo. 3 book, but we do want to make sure to have solid coverage of science as needed at this particular age.


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