Singapore Changes & HOD Guides

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Singapore Changes & HOD Guides

Post by Homeschooling6 » Tue Jul 15, 2008 4:49 pm

I have purchased 3 guides because I wanted to use the Singapore Math suggestions in the guides (We will use them for the programs too later).

Now I'm wondering if I shouldn't have done this because they Singapore has changed their K math and I'm wondering if eventually they are going to change the other levels to. Does anyone know if Singapore plans to change any more levels of their math program?

ds16~WG and now WH
dd.15~RtR, MTMM, and now WG
ds.14~ PH, CTC, and now MtMM
ds.13~ PH, CTC, and now Rev2Rev
ds.11 ~Bigger, and now CtC
ds.10 ~ Preparing


Post by netpea » Tue Jul 15, 2008 9:30 pm

they changed the kindergarten math to a Standards Edition to go with the Standards Editions they alread have for 1-6. They still have the US Edition that Carrie uses in her guides.

This is straight from the website:
" Inc is pleased to present: Primary Mathematics Standards Edition.
We will continue to carry Primary Mathematics U.S. Edition indefinitely."


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Post by Carrie » Wed Jul 16, 2008 2:29 pm


Singapore "K" is the only level that is being done away with and changed to only the new version. The other levels of Singapore will still be available in the Primary Math version indefinitely.

Singapore has an original version that they first came out with, prior to the U.S. version, and prior to the new Standards-Based version. They still carry the original version even now, so we are not terribly concerned about them removing the Primary version anytime soon. They have told us that as long as there is a demand, they will continue to carry the U.S. version.

We will re-write the lessons in LHFHG for "K" math, once our current stock of guides is gone. But, we do have enough Earlybird "K" purchased to be able to have moms have the matching version of math to match the current LHFGH guide.


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