Week in Review December 8-12, 2014

This forum is for sharing what your week was like with Heart of Dakota. The goal is to post on Thursdays. You can share a picture, a blog link, a written synopsis, your favorite memory, or anything you want that shares your HOD excitement.

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Re: Week in Review December 8-12, 2014

Post by MelInKansas » Sun Dec 21, 2014 9:12 pm

Julie, thanks for your words of encouragement. It amazes me that so many people in today's world don't know the basics of cooking and cleaning. I in fact was on the road to being a "career woman" and had not really learned how to cook or clean because I had a horrible attitude and my mom gave up on trying to teach me. I am so thankful that the Lord changed my path! I spend a lot of time cooking and cleaning and caring for children but it is worth it all! I can't imagine if we were eating processed food or eating out all the time.... and I so treasure the time I get to spend with my kids while doing it. I hope this will be a fruitful time for me and for my kids as we prepare for a new little one. I really hope we can pick up CTC in March and that we'll all be ready for it by then.

I too appreciate HOD. I was blessed to have some friends here who were using it and then visit HOD at a homeschool conference as I was preparing to start preschool, I started LHTH and have never looked back. I am just so thankful because I love the balance, I love the Bible being the center of what we study and Christian worldview being the foundation. It helps me so much, even though I now feel like I know a lot more and maybe could pull together materials and make something work, I know it would not be as good as HOD and my kids and I all enjoy the time we have together learning so many things. I love reading what others are doing because that also reassures me that it keeps getting better and better as we go up and I am thankful that the HS guides will all be done before I get there! Thanks so much to Mike and Carrie, Julie's family, and everyone who works for and invests in HOD because it is such a blessing to so many!
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Re: Week in Review December 8-12, 2014

Post by my3sons » Mon Dec 22, 2014 10:49 am

Nealewill, Gwenny, MelInKansas - you are such a blessing to me and to HOD! Your words of encouragement are appreciated so much. They are fuel to keep on this journey. God bless! :D :D :D

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