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March 31-April 4

Posted: Sat Apr 05, 2014 8:24 pm
by lissiejo
What was YOUR week Like?

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Re: March 31-April 4

Posted: Sat Apr 05, 2014 8:26 pm
by lissiejo
So, this is more like a month in review! I've been having camera issues, so I was having trouble getting inspired to write. My MIL brought me her old camera when she came to visit (yay!) so I'm back :) I had a handful of pictures from my two cameras that have their issues, but I should be back to normal now :D

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Re: March 31-April 4

Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2014 6:24 pm
by MelInKansas
Awww, what a good update! I had to crack up at the sister helping with reading and getting frustrated at being corrected. My girls would be the same way. I do love all your pictures, and I do have pictures too but I just end up not wanting to load them from the camera onto the computer, resize, and upload them. Lazy huh?

Last week was a good week for us. It was a bit tough to get back into the routine after being off the week before, but we tackled it (after taking Monday off for little brother's birthday.... oh my, where has the time gone?) My oldest worked on Unit 10 of Preparing, my 2nd worked on Unit 19 of Beyond, and my 3rd did Unit 25 (???) of LHTH. Preparing went full speed again last week, so I guess we will just keep going with it now as she is able to handle it. I am a bit concerned as she will then be outpacing her sister (if she finishes in 4 days, as her sister's will be in 5). Maybe this is okay for now, we will see how it goes. Preparing was about the Spartans, Greeks, and today the founding of Rome. Lots of legends and stories. I do like how Child's History of the World tells them matter-of-factly but also pointing out that these stories aren't real. I like the quick storytelling method in this book. Written narration of the story of Romulus and Remus was hard today as she had trouble remembering all the names. I told her she could copy the names out of the book, which helped. DITHOR we are almost done with 2/3 and I have started looking at the books and things for 4/5. We enjoy the literature and the study of it in DITHOR so much. Today she dressed up as the character and told the story in 1st person, then dressed as a reporter and told the story in 3rd person. She really got the idea of 1st and 3rd person this way. I have memorized Psalm 34:1-6 along with her. My life is enriched so much by studying these things with my DD!

My 2nd born enjoyed her week in Beyond as always. In math she got the idea of adding and subtracting 10, and today was adding ones digits and showing that no matter what the 10s digit was the ones would end up the same. (2+4=6, 12+4=16, 22+4=26). To my shame, often when their dad checks over their math he finds things that I didn't check over correctly. :oops: I really need to be more thorough, and I had even been standing right nearby when she did the problems! I think she had said something to me orally which led me to believe she understood or got the problem right.... sigh. Sometimes I don't have the attention to finish anything. For example today, I put dinner in the crock pot and we left for the library and I had done everything except put the lid on the crock pot! Needless to say that dinner didn't cook very well, we were back home in an hour and I fixed it, but still!

This week I am adding beginning handwriting with my 3rd born. She is almost 5 and has been doing some anyway, writing A, writing her name fairly well, coloring. Except today we tried to work on the pencil grip and that brought some tears of frustration. I guess I should've looked at that a little younger! Her grip isn't bad, but I thought if we could change it now I would go ahead and try. She is not like my 2nd who gets frustrated and emotional very easily so we will keep trying at least a few more days and see where we get with it. I even have these nice triangle shaped crayons that should help, I didn't have those when my other 2 were starting handwriting. LHTH as always is a joy. She can sing through the "What do you know?" up to letter T now which amazes me. She knows all those letters and their sounds very well. We have fun doing the Count on Me and Color pages every week too. What a fun way to introduce everything. :D

Re: March 31-April 4

Posted: Tue Apr 08, 2014 11:27 am
by lissiejo
MelInKansas wrote:Awww, what a good update! I had to crack up at the sister helping with reading and getting frustrated at being corrected. My girls would be the same way.
Just keeping it real here ;) It's fun to read your updates since we're doing the same guides!