Read alouds and Emergent Read books question

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Read alouds and Emergent Read books question

Post by AnointedHsMom » Wed Aug 27, 2008 11:19 am

We have decided to switch to Bigger ASAP for my son from doing BJU Homesat. Well I need to economize right now until I unload some of these BJU books. I looked online to see how many of those books our library has and we have a good library so that helps. My library has some of the same book titles but not the same ISBN listed on the HOD web site. If they are not exactly the same will it matter in the lesson plans? Just curious before I place my order for the Bigger packages.

Now I just need to decide what to do about math and LA stuff. Oh decisions decisions :roll:

Thanks for any advice,
Paige in TN
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Re: Read alouds and Emergent Read books question

Post by inHistiming » Wed Aug 27, 2008 2:53 pm

Well, I would highly recommend the R&S English that is recommended by HOD for Language Arts. It is very thorough, it is inexpensive, and my kids have been enjoying it so far. I also suggest using the spelling or dictation included in the has worked really well for my dd. However, it is easy to substitute whatever L.A. program you like so that shouldn't be a problem. Same for the math...there are math activities included to go with Singapore, and these workbooks are pretty inexpensive, but you can still substitute a different math program if you prefer. I have been utilizing my library for our read alouds for storytime. There were a few last year I could not get, but since there are 4 recommended for each genre you should be able to find at least one of them. My plan is to use the library, and only buy a book if I can't get it in our county's system. I don't expect to have to do that except for 2 or 3. I think as long as it is the same author that is listed in should be fine. But I bet Carrie or someone else will be on to let you know for sure. I do plan to buy the books next year if at all possible, because it is much more convenient and fun to have them on hand, to be able to look at them and touch them ahead of time. But I do understand the need to economize, as that's what we needed to do for this year. HTH :D

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Re: Read alouds and Emergent Read books question

Post by Carrie » Thu Aug 28, 2008 11:41 am


InHisTiming gave you wonderful advice. I would agree with what she said wholeheartedly. :D :D

For the books in the Economy Package, Basic Package, or Extension Package, you'll want to have the versions that we recommend, as the books are scheduled by page number and will not match the plans otherwise. For anything in the Deluxe Package (boy, girl, or classic set), you can easily use whatever version you can locate (as these are not scheduled by page number). :wink:


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