Will this plan work?

If you have used "Drawn Into the Heart of Reading", please share your experience with us.
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Will this plan work?

Post by sted » Wed Jun 06, 2012 2:52 pm

Okay, I admit, I have loved HOD but have fallen off the bandwagon with DITHOR.

My oldest used it a couple years ago and I felt that without reading the literature myself, I had a hard time "marking" or keeping on it for discussion or even just helping her with the questions.

I'm revisiting it now, and wondering if this would work with a "read-aloud" book for the entire family. I have 4 kids at various levels but could I do a read aloud eg) biography and then have each child complete the booklet that is appropriate for their level? eg 4/5 and 6/7/8 student books? We might try that this summer. Has anyone attempted this? Is there any reason it might not work?

I know the point of DITHOR is to have them read independantly but it seems daunting to me to have to pre-read books on two levels so I can "keep up" with the children's work.

dd, age 14
dd, age 12
dd, age 10
ds, age 8
dd, age 5
dd, age 1

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