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Do you train your little ones?

Heart of Dakota - Teaching Tip - Training Little Ones
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Training your little ones makes school go better!

During summer break, I am often thinking of ways to make the coming school year better. If you have little ones, it is important to plan for them just as you plan for your school-age children. This is because little ones can quickly waylay the best-laid plans you may have for school! With this in mind, I’ll share a few tips you could consider as you train your little ones for the coming year.

Use a cabinet near the area where you school to store quiet toys for your little ones.

One thing that we found really helpful was to clear out a lower cabinet in our kitchen. To make space in the cabinet, we cleared out our “good dishes” (which were rarely used). We chose a cabinet near our table where we do “school” with our older kiddos. Then, we placed items in the cabinet that any 2-4 year old would enjoy. Last, we added childproof door locks.

How can you use the cabinet toys as an activity for your little ones during school?

During school, we assigned our little ones “cupboard” or “cabinet” time. Our 2-4 year olds could take one item from the cabinet at a time. They had to play with the item on the floor by the cupboard or near our kitchen table. This worked because our little ones liked being where the other kiddos in our family were schooling.

What are some guidelines for this activity time?

Our little ones were allowed only one toy, puzzle, or activity out of the cabinet at a time. They had to fully pick it up prior to being allowed to get something new out of the cabinet. Sometimes the “cabinet” time was a quick series of dumping something out, picking it up, and putting it away. Other times, the boys played longer with an item. A watchful eye and child locks made sure the little ones didn’t dump out everything in the cabinet at once!

Can you use this type of activity for a bit older child?

We used our cabinet time all the way up to ages 6-7. The 6-7 year old’s cabinet was full of puzzles, games, activity books, play dough, and moon dough. We found this to be a great use of space.

Do you have a cabinet near your school area that you could prepare for your little ones?

It may be a lifesaver for you too!


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  1. Jenny

    I love the information, you have shared. We all want to train our kids with the help of different activities. I will definitely try these activities for my kids. Thanks for sharing!

    1. We are so glad you found this post to be helpful! Have fun trying these activities with your kiddos!

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