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Schedule a healthy mid-morning snack time.

Heart of Dakota - Teaching Tip - Schedule a Healthy Snack Time.
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Make sure your students aren’t hungry during school time.

Here is one simple tip that can really make a big impact on your day! Make sure your students aren’t hungry during school time. If you think about it, what happens when you are hungry? Once your own stomach starts to protest that it is need of food, your mind can often think of little else. The same is true for students.

Schedule a healthy mid-morning snack time.

To combat the tummy rumbles before they start, be sure to schedule a healthy snack time sometime during the mid-morning. We have our snack time around 10:30. I have a list of snack choices on our cupboard door. My kiddos have a snack time scheduled so they know when to go and get a snack for themselves. My little ones must have their snack at the kitchen table. My older ones can take their snack to their work area and keep on working.

What are some ideas for snacks?

Our snack choice list includes the following: applesauce, banana, yogurt raisins, mountain mix, mixed nuts, dried fruit, Clif bar, Craisins, oatmeal bar, yogurt or gogurt, mandarin orange cup, diced peach cup, diced pear cup, peanut butter crackers, goldfish crackers, Cheez-its, pretzels, teddy grahams, or a cheese stick. For those snacks that are eaten by hand, we bought small dishwasher safe glass cups that are one serving size. The kiddos use the small cups for dishing out snacks like yogurt raisins, mountain mix, or dried fruit. That way they don’t get too much!

Try adding a mid-morning snack to your schedule.

Try adding a mid-morning snack time to your schedule! See if your kiddos’ sense of urgency for lunch is abated (allowing them to concentrate better). I know it works here! Who knows? You may even enjoy having a snack time too!


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