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The “Mommy Tape”: A Wonderful Idea From a Veteran Homeschool Momma!

Heart of Dakota - Teaching Tip - Mommy Tape
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What is a “Mommy Tape”?

One thing that I have done which worked well for my little ones was an idea I got from Terri Maxwell. She suggested making a “Mommy Tape,” which today can be recorded many other ways than on a tape! However, the idea is still great.

How can you use your voice to occupy your little one?

I recorded myself talking and reading aloud to my little one as if I was in the room with him. I read aloud some simple Bible stories and nursery rhymes. Next, I counted out loud up to 20 and said the names of our family members.

Then, I asked questions like the following: How old are you? What color hair do you have? What color eyes do you have? Can you point to your chair? Can you point to your toys? I paused after each question to hypothetically allow the child to answer. After that I answered the questions. I prayed with my child at the beginning and end of the recording, making sure to use my child’s name. You can be as creative with the recording as you like!

How much time can you expect to gain by using a Mommy recording?

I recorded 30 continuous minutes. When the “Mommy Tape” ended, my little one knew his playtime was up. I used the same recording for my little one to listen to every day. It was amazing how comforted he felt while listening to it! I could hear him answering the questions out loud during the pauses on the recording!

Where can you use the recording?

When my little ones were younger, I used it during their playtimes in their cribs. When they got a bit older, I used it during their playtimes in their rooms. A quiet enclosed space worked best for hearing the recording.

Try making your own recording!

This is a great summer project for the next school year! You could make a different recording for your child each year as he grows. You can also make more than one recording if time allows. Try making a recording today, and see if it comforts your little one.


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  1. Louise

    I was thinking of doing something similar for my older daughter for next year. She is able to work independently, but she has learning disabilities. One of the first “I” history books she will be studying is not available in audiobook version, so I was planning to try to record myself reading it. But you’ve got me thinking now of maybe adding other things… I’m new to HoD so I will have to look over the guide for ideas for the other “I” boxes. Summer project for Mom…

  2. Sounds like you have a good plan forming, Louise! Summer is a great time to do things like this that make our homeschool year all the better!

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