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Do you have a routine or a schedule?

Heart of Dakota - Teaching Tip - Do you have a routine or a schedule?
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Do you have a routine or a schedule?

I am a scheduler by nature.  Yet, the more years I have taught, first in the classroom and then at home, I discovered a routine is more important than a schedule.

How does a routine differ from a schedule?

A routine is a consistent flow to the day that easily becomes a pattern.  A schedule can feel random and pattern-less, requiring more concentration and energy to implement.  A routine becomes something you can do without thinking. A schedule often leaves you constantly referring to a written order of things.

Can a schedule become routine?

I always make a time schedule for each of my boys and myself.  For my schedule to become a routine, the most important part is the order in which things are done. I have my boys keep the same order of subjects each day.  Following the same order allows my boys to memorize their schedule until it becomes “routine.”

What are the benefits of a routine?

A routine makes it easy for me to check on my boys and see how far along they are in their day.  A routine takes less thought to implement.  It allows the child to really find ways to make the day flow more smoothly.  Following the same order also makes gathering books and supplies easy. This is because even very young students begin to know which books they’ll need when. If you are constantly changing your schedule, you may never truly reap the benefits of having a routine.

Try developing a routine!

Try keeping the same order of subjects in your day for a month!  See if you notice an easier flow to your day as your schedule becomes a routine.


PS: If you want a more in-depth look at creating a routine, have a look at this blog post:

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