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Try divvying up daily chores for a smoother start to your day!

Heart of Dakota - From Our House to Yours
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From Our House to Yours

Try divvying up daily chores for a smoother start to your day!

Do you wake up to a bunch of daily chores that demand your attention? Well, you don’t have to face all of those chores alone! If each family member helps a little, a lot can be done in a short amount of time. Then, you can get to homeschooling with Heart of Dakota and enjoying your day. Just try divvying up your daily chores. In no time, your homeschooling days will be off to a smoother start. But, you might be asking, what does this divvying up look like? Well, there are basic daily chores everyone faces. Laundry, setting the table, emptying the trash cans, unloading the dishwasher, etc. are all daily chores for most families. However, each family will also have chores unique to them as well. If you have pets, for example, you will have daily chores another pet-free home might not have.

First, just pay attention to the daily chores your family faces and jot them down!

Before assigning chores or making a chart, I like to just pay attention to what is happening in our home. I set out a piece of paper first thing in the morning and jot down any daily chores that need to be done. Many times, I have found I am doing a lot of things I should be divvying up. Our children will own homes and live on their own someday, Lord willing! Knowing basic daily chores will only serve to help them be successful adults. Not to mention doing everything for everyone as a mom is not healthy. It’s also not fun. And it takes forever. All reasons for divvying up chores!

Next – divvy up the daily chores, do some training, and post a chart!

Once you have your list, it is time to divvy them up. Match chores with ages, abilities, and interests when possible. In general, I try to have the youngest child that can do the chore do it.  This way, there is a passing down of the chores as children mature.  Training is important. Taking time to train each child to do his/her chores right is well worth the time it involves. Last, make and post a simple chart! For little children, pictures are helpful. For older children, lists are enough. Here is my current chart for my three sons who are ages 21, 17, and 13:

Wyatt’s Daily Chores:
Feed and water the dogs/cat
Scoop kennels and driveway
Get the mail
Clear snow if necessary
Wednesdays: Trash to the curb
Sundays: Take Bibles to church
Evenings: Feed and water the dogs/cat
Weekends: Laundry with Mom

Riley Daily Chores:
Fill Keurig with water
Consolidate and take out the trash
Make smoothie
Sundays: Make a coffee-to-go for Mom
Evenings: Run the dishwasher
Weekends: Laundry with Mom

Emmett Daily Chores:
Unload the dishwasher
Set the table for breakfast
Help feed and water the dogs/cat
Evenings: Exercise, feed, and water Cuddles (our hamster)
Weekends: Laundry with Mom

*Mom makes breakfast, sets out vitamins, fills sink with soapy water, starts Christian music.

Rooms (Mon.-Sat.; Sun. optional):
Beds made
Nothing on floor
Shelves neat
Drawers shut
End table neat, only 1 drink bottle on it
Nothing on dresser but decorations
One pile of something
Weekends, as able: Vacuum, dust, mirrors, dustbust windowsills

Try divvying up chores to conquer them together!

So, to beat the morning chores’ rush, try divvying them up and conquering them together!  I guarantee, your homeschooling day will be off to a much smoother start!

In Christ,

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