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Have you trained your children in Charlotte Mason style skills?

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Teaching Tip

Did your students jump into an upper Heart of Dakota guide?

If so, it is likely some skills your child is being asked to exhibit were practiced in previous guides. This means there will be a learning curve as your child adjusts to what the guide is asking. This curve will be especially noticeable with Charlotte Mason style skills that may be new to your student. When you jump into an upper Heart of Dakota guide, extra time will be required at first for training in these skills. Additionally, you may want to check out this post: Is Your Child Placed in the Correct Guide?

What Charlotte Mason style skills might require some training?

Skills like giving oral narrations and producing written narrations may be totally new to your student. Taking studied dictation and studying classic poetry may be new as well. Next, reading living books, creating notebook entries, sketching, and learning in a Charlotte Mason style fashion all might feel new too. In the end, if you don’t take time to train your child in these skills, it will be harder for your child to succeed.

Have you trained your kiddos in Charlotte Mason style skills?

Allow time in your schedule to give your children extra help in Charlotte Mason style skills. Your HOD guide will aid you in training your student in gaining these skills. Know that these skills do not develop overnight. They take training and time to hone. If you are new to Heart of Dakota, remember that your student may need to work up to the level of independence suggested in the guide. Always err on the side of giving help and encouragement to your child whenever needed. Finally, be patient, and you will eventually see fruit!


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