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Do you have young adults in your home?

Heart of Dakota Teaching Tip - Do you have young adults in your home?
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Teaching Tip:

Do you have young adults in your home?

If you have young adults in your home, today’s tip is for you.  Middle school/high school-aged students’ personalities and preferences are often still developing.  When making a schedule for the year, it makes sense to consider their preferences and make a schedule that suits them well.

Is your young adult a morning person or a night person?

My oldest son liked to be up early and get going on his day, so his schedule reflected an earlier start time. I also put his more rigorous subjects earlier in the morning.  My second son was not a morning person, so he got a bit later start time.  To compensate for his grogginess in the morning, he was scheduled to do an hour of his school the night before.  He did this from 8:30-9:30 p.m. at night.  That hour gave him some grace the next  morning. It allowed him to feel he was “ahead” when starting his school day.  He also started his day with less demanding subjects, working up to more rigorous subjects as the day progressed. My third son is even less of a morning person, so his schedule mirrors the schedule of my second son.  My last little guy is more of a morning person, so his schedule is closer to that of my first son.

Consider the preferences of your older children as you schedule their days.

No matter whether your child is a morning person or a night person, it helps to consider his/her personality and preferences as you schedule the day.  Think outside of the box of ways you can help your child be more consistent and successful with the school day. This consideration has made our house a happier, less stressful, place to be.  We pray it will have the same effect for you!



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  1. Sara Malone

    So true! My youngest three are very close in age but very different in abilities. Many homeschooling friends thought I was making things harder for myself by not combining them. However, I found that I was more calm and less frazzled when I didn’t have to keep three different kids with different attention spans focused at the same time. It was easier and more productive to have one-on-one time with each of them.

  2. So glad you are finding your groove with your kiddos and placement! I have found the same to be true with my 3 sons; separate guides work best for them. Like you, I am more calm and less frazzled. The different guides just better fit their different abilities and maturity levels. So glad you are enjoying your 1:1 time with each of your kiddos! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with your family, Sara, and thank you for reading and responding to our blog!!!

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