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Consider your child’s personality when scheduling artistic subjects

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Teaching Tip

Consider your child’s personality when scheduling artistic subjects.

Do you have a child who loves to take his/her time when doing any assignment that requires drawing?  If so, you may wish to consider placing subjects that require drawing or artwork as the last subject.  One of our sons really enjoys doing each art-related assignment meticulously. While this results in beautiful work, it can also make this mama want to constantly hurry him along! This results in stress for both us.

Schedule art-related subjects last in the day.

The solution for me was to schedule any art-related assignments within my son’s HOD guide after lunch.  This was when he did his last subjects of the day.  In that way, my son could take as long as he wanted to complete the assignment.  He’s on his own time then, and I am not rushing him. This is because I try to be done with most formal teaching from his HOD guide by then.

Various assignments can fall into the artwork category.

Notebooking assignments and lab sheets for science often fall in this category.  Timeline entries and Draw and Write entries fall in this category for us too. The painting assignments in CTC, the composer study in Rev2Rev, and the nature journal in MTMM are also in this category.

Even if you don’t have a child who is artistic, any assignment with drawing typically takes more time.

Once you figure out which drawing assignments are taking more time, consider placing these projects last in the day.  This will help keep the rest of your schedule on-track. And, when your child is on his/her own time, he will be less likely to drag an assignment out.  Try a schedule redo and see if it helps your day run more smoothly!



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  1. Kristy Rousseau

    Thanks for sharing your insight. For our oldest daughter, who is in U.S. History I this year, I find this applies specifically to her writing. She is meticulous about her words and ideas, and it has taken the last two years in high school for me to realize that she needs extra boundaries (and deadlines) for written work. Her way of dealing with the boxes provided in the student notebook was to write smaller!!
    So, as we head into a new school year, I am looking critically at which assignments I will have her do fully. She always does her work well, but having a knack for writing has caused many days to stretch longer than we had planned! I guess we all are always learning…
    Thanks again for the work you and your family do to serve God and others. May your fall be blessed with His bounty!

  2. It sounds like you have a daughter blessed with writing talents! Praise God! I’m so glad you enjoyed Carrie’s post here, and we hope you and your daughter have a good year using USI!!!

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