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School day too long? Check your times for each subject with the author!

Heart of Dakota - Teaching Tip - What are the suggested times for each subject in the guide?
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Approximately how long should each subject take?

Great question! The Heart of Dakota message board lists approximate times for each subject in each of our guides. If your day is too long, these lists can help in pinpointing time stealers. Simply jot down the start and end times for each subject for a day or two in the guide you are using. Then, compare your times to the times provided in the links below to find your time stealers. You can see information for each of our guides in the board posts linked below!

  • Little Hands to HeavenRevival to Revolution suggested times can be found here.
  • Mission to Modern Marvels suggested times can be found here.
  • World Geography suggested times can be found here.
  • World History suggested times can be found here.
  • U.S. History I and U.S. History II suggested times can be found here.
What do you do if a subject is consistently taking too long?

First, look over the plans for that subject. Ask yourself whether you are changing or adding to the subject in any way. Then, move toward doing it as written in the plans and resist the urge to add to the subject. Additional helpful tips are often given in the “Introduction” and the “Appendix” of the guide. Refer to the tips that pertain to the subject you are targeting.

Second, note whether the subject is coded as ‘I’ = Independent, ‘S’ = Semi-independent, or ‘T’ = Teacher Directed and then move toward doing the subject as coded in the plans.

Third, check whether your child needs additional help to do the subject as written. Then, do any training needed to help your child be more successful with that subject in the plans. This training can take time as you gradually move your child toward success.

Fourth, check to see if the subject is a weak area for your child. Plan to be available to help whenever your child is working on a weak area.

Do you enjoy following the clock, or do you prefer a less structured approach?

Either way, doing a time check periodically can help your days run more smoothly. See how your day compares to the times suggested for each subject in the links above. Then, follow the steps to pinpoint any time stealers. Try it, and see if your days improve!


PS: Check out these other articles if your school day is running longer than you would like…


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  1. Meg

    I was so glad to see all this helpful info! I compiled it all into a document I can refer to down the road. Julie, I also ran across your post on setting up for ‘Preparing’ which was so helpful as I plan to be getting ready for Preparing while Lord willing caring for a newborn this summer. The blog posts lately seem to be just what I need!

    Julie, I wasn’t able to enlarge the photo of your son’s schedule for preparing, and was wondering if there are any higher resolution photos of student schedules for Bigger or Preparing to which I could refer.

    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Meg! I’d be glad to help! Below are the links for Emmett’s PHFHG schedule last school year. You should be able to click the link and then click the “+” symbol at the top to enlarge them…

      PHFHG, page 1:

      PHFHG, page 2:

      Hope this helps! Have a good Tuesday, Meg!

      In Christ,

  2. Meg Koch

    wow – I appreciate this so much!
    Blessings –

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