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Placement for a 6-year-old at the Beginning Stages of Writing

Heart of Dakota - Pondering Placement
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Pondering Placement

Placement for a 6-year-old at the Beginning Stages of Writing

My son will be 6 in October, and this fall will be his kindergarten year. He just finished Pre-K at a private school. Looking at Heart of Dakota’s placement chart, we’ve already done three lessons in The Reading Lesson. He has caught on beautifully! For writing, his skills are in the beginning stages. Any time he sits down to write or color it is forced. I think it’s an issue of his will because he can draw a stick figure with most the body parts. He’s ready to use oral skills for grammar study. Math will be no problem! With handwriting being number two on the chart in order of importance, should I do Little Hands to Heaven? I feel he’d do great in Little Hearts for His Glory now. But, what if he’s not ready for the fine motor skills in Beyond Little Hearts the next year?

Carrie’s Reply to Placement for a 6-year-old at the Beginning Stages of Writing:

As I was reading through your initial post, I was thinking that Heart of Dakota’s Little Hearts for His Glory (LHFHG) would be a good fit for your son. It sounds like he fits well there on the placement chart, and much of what you shared as far as fine motor challenges isn’t that uncommon for boys upon entering LHFHG. Your description actually fit my own third little guy when he began LHFHG as he was turning 6. Many kiddos are at the beginning stages of writing when they begin LHFHG. So, that is quite normal!

LHFHG with the K options would take him from his beginning stages of writing and move him forward.

Two factors in considering whether to do LHFHG or whether to do Little Hands to Heaven with K options from LHFHG are your son’s age and the fact that he has already been through quite a bit of kindergarten readiness. Another factor is that he seems to really make strides when you work with him one-on-one. So, these factors make me lean more toward LHFHG with the K options, perhaps doing 4 days a week (and stretching 9 weeks into the next school year to finish).

Doing LHFHG 4 days a week would give him more time to progress from his beginning stages of writing.

This plan would allow him more time to progress from his beginning stages of writing before getting to Beyond. But, it would also keep him moving forward more closely with his age-mates. While I dislike comparison greatly, age does help give us some guidelines when were trying to decide between two good options. In your son’s case I think it tilts the decision more in favor of LHFHG. Once you get the guide and the books that go with it in hand, you’ll be able to tell better. You also are welcome to return anything within 30 days for a full refund or in exchange for something else. This should help ease the decision-making process a bit! I hope this is an encouragement to you!



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