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A Christian Education… A Way of Life

Heart of Dakota - From Our House to Yours
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From Our House to Yours

A Christian Education… A Way of Life

I am so thankful our children are receiving a Christian education! Heart of Dakota puts Christ front and center, each and every day we homeschool. Bible Study and Bible Quiet Time are special Christ-centered parts of Heart of Dakota’s plans that I love and appreciate so much. However, Heart of Dakota’s Christian education doesn’t stop there! Literally, every part of our day is Christ-connected. I especially love finding Christ in less than normal places. Like where, you ask? Well, how about in British Literature?

A Christian Education in British Literature: The War for Mansoul

Riley and I find Christ every day in his British Literature plans. We have simply had the best discussions thanks to his British Literature plans this year! Right now, Riley is reading The War for Mansoul. This book is an allegory of the Christian’s battle with spiritual warfare. Riley and I are loving his trip through this book!

The British Literature plans help Riley make biblical connections to  what he is reading. They set the stage with the Introduction. Then, in the Read and Annotate section. Riley has a few noted things to search for as he reads, but largely he can just enjoy the book, annotating what stands out to him personally as he goes. Next comes the Common Place Book entry, where Riley chooses a passage that stood out to him to copy from his reading. Then, he moves on to Reflect, which has step-by-step leading questions and Scriptures to guide him through the creation of his literature journal entry. Finally, and this is my FAVORITE part, we go through each part of this together! I LOVE this so much! We have had the very best discussions! This Christian Education benefits me as much as my son! What a great way of life!

A Christian Education in Composition: Write with the Best Vol. II

Emmett and I found Christ in his Write with the Best plans this week. We had to choose a magazine article for Emmett to use as a source. Emmett chose an article from a Christian magazine I enjoy. I love that he just went to our reading basket, found a Christian magazine, and thumbed through to find an article that is saturated in Christ! Emmett and I are loving his trip through this magazine article!

The Write with the Best plans helped Emmett first make an outline of the article. Then, they had Emmett take notes on the article. He could take notes in phrases or in sentences. When he chose to take notes in sentences, I knew he was inspired! Sometimes Emmett will ask how many sentences he has to write – do you ever hear that question? He did not this time. That’s when I knew he was hooked!

He wrote long sentences, taking care to word them just so. This article about God loving variety, about God creating us each to be individually special yet all be created in His own image struck a chord with Emmett. The part about not comparing ourselves to others seemed especially striking to him. Being a teenager isn’t easy. We are covering this in our Biblical Worldview course this year, but I think God gave us a special double-dipping lesson in a healthy self-image in our Write with the Best article. I LOVE this so much! This Christian Education is of such a benefit! What a great way of life!

I hope you love this Christian education with Heart of Dakota as much as I do!

In Christ,


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